Intro to COVID-19 Fitness

Published on September 25, 2020

Seth introduces fitness expert Jeff Wright to help you shed the pounds you gained from the pandemic and get COVID fit.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • ziliya weasley 4 weeks ago

    Sunday night and Monday morning – Jeff 3
    Tuesday evening – Jeff 1
    Rest of the week – Jeff 2

  • Julia Connell 4 weeks ago

    OMG – I laugbed SO much literally crying – this is so TRUE and *accurate* for me right now (except that space is HUGE – dont have that much space…)

  • mccarraa 4 weeks ago

    So true and so sad

  • 123haninhk 4 weeks ago

    “Go all the way down ‘till your crotch touches the floor!!!!”

  • directfunebru 4 weeks ago

    whaaat? 😆

  • Cyber Hugs 4 weeks ago

    That’s hilarious

  • Dr. Z 4 weeks ago

    You know if I didn’t know any better, I’d think Jeff Wright was actually making a profound comparison between what it’s like to struggle with Bipolar Disorder, and the struggles associated with being locked indoors for the past 6 months. For better or for worse, this experience has acquainted us all with the 3 parts of our psyche that are in constant battle for control: apathy/depression, hopefulness/aspiration, and the codependent mediator trying to maintain our sanity.

  • Paul 4 weeks ago

    Unexpected and kind of out of place in a late night talk show, but surprisingly good.

  • Amber 4 weeks ago

    I like this guy, more of him please!

  • psammiad 4 weeks ago

    Oh hello, Jeff Wright is cute.

  • the state we're in 4 weeks ago

    Love Jeff!!!

  • Pēteris Krišjānis 4 weeks ago


  • john c 4 weeks ago


  • Patrick 4 weeks ago

    My gym charged me for stoping my membership.. I said you cant force a person to stay in a gym with a pandemic. I hoped for there bankruptcy and wished them luck finding new jobs in the near future, then walked out. Judgement free my ass.

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  • muhizi calvin 4 weeks ago

    Tik tok on the map

  • phitowns 4 weeks ago

    I love that they got somebody from tik Tok

  • Catherine Fuller 4 weeks ago


  • Pipe Tunes 4 weeks ago

    Is Jeff single? Asking for me.

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