Inside The Hill: “What in the absolute f*** is going on in the White House?”

Published on March 25, 2021

Inside The Hill covers the Biden administration’s push for gun reform and infrastructure spending, the Goldman Sachs allegations, and the AstraZeneca controversy.

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Clip air date 3/24/2021

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  • OJ Matthew 3 years ago


  • Jim Bob 3 years ago

    First is the worst second is the best!

  • Sam Sam 3 years ago

    So fucking funny well well

  • Yourdeadmeat69 3 years ago

    Jokes come hard when there are dead bodies filled with bullets throughout our nation. Maybe we can tune out the tunes for a while?

  • ArcaJ 3 years ago

    That sideswipe at Cuomo was amazing!
    I think I love this crew more that Hot Take. They really do represent craven “Democrats.” Too afraid of true, progressive change.

  • Will Moore 3 years ago

    INFRASTUCTURE?!! Just another thing Satan can use to torment Ronald Reagan in Hell. How do you like THAT, “Dutchboy”?

  • Xph Aku 3 years ago

    “from other states” is a dumb excuse, meth is illegal in all 50 states yet I can buy it on almost every street corner.

  • S.M. Carrière 3 years ago

    Okay. The writing on this is firkkin’ fantastic of late. The last few have made me laugh out loud in the most literal sense.

  • brycey spiceywiener 3 years ago

    lol the dnc is antisemitic

  • Corn Pop 3 years ago

    Phil murphey is the biggest corporate snake of all time

  • daveshoraceway 3 years ago

    When the 2nd amendment was adopted the Kentucky Rifle was the modern hand held weapon at the time.
    1 round a minute and 3 if you were a professional.
    The AR-15 can deliver 30 rounds in 15 seconds with a semi auto.
    I heard the guys at our rifle range 3 miles away with a rate of fire that is scary….
    Why can’t anybody see that no one really needs high capacity for non military ?!
    The debate is not taking away guns, but limit the magazine capacity !
    Remember It took only 1 shot to take down Lincoln.
    Imagine if the capitol was invaded by the Trumpets with AR-15 and AK-47 bought at a local gun dealer.

  • Roxy DeJaneiro 3 years ago

    “Biden spends money, unfit to serve”
    “We specifically pushed Bernie Sanders out of the primary so we didn’t have to deal with this crap”
    All the sarcasm/parody blended with obvious real news is funny/depressing.

  • Christopher Conkright 3 years ago

    I would never call Biden progressive he is not.

  • vasp99 3 years ago

    Why hasn’t Bernie Sanders spoken out against the latest round of gun slaughter ? Oh . Right . Bernie’s years of living in the NRA’s back pocket and enabling gun slaughter make even a sleazy lying hypocrite like Bernie averse to exposing himself and his decades as a gun pimp to the light of day .

  • HereIgoAgain 3 years ago

    Gov Murphy was so funny! I hope he is the rare NJ politico that stays out of jail.

  • Carl Spackler 3 years ago

    Whenever there’s mass gun shootings for some reason there’s always guns involved… go figure

  • Diana SUNSHINE Wulf 3 years ago

    Someone has to pay for Panamas Canal

  • Michael Greene 3 years ago

    Every “fat cat” corporate executive who believes “one or two nights of sleep a week” is sufficient, should be required to eat one or two meals a week, and see how fat they get.


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