Inside the Hill: Biden abandons cherished Military-Industrial Complex

Published on September 1, 2021

Inside The Hill breaks down Biden’s ending of America’s longest war in Afghanistan, the wave of anti-mask mania in schools, and Rep. Mike Levin (D-CA) signals “code red” for climate change following Hurricane Ida’s devastation.

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Clip air date 8/31/2021

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  • adva501 1 year ago

    Garbage Shameful mainstream news media now pretends to care so about women and kids while ignoring Yemen where there is a Famine and 8 million are on the brink of starvation. not even a single mention. Hypocrites .

  • adva501 1 year ago

    The Afghani forces would not take a bullet for their wife and daughters , so the news media wants us to send our sons and daughters to be killed for them . Wtf , how does this make any sense . Get our troops out now , and invest here at home .

  • Apexxx 1 year ago

    There is still a war on not-allowed-drugs going on. But please keep buying the allowed drugs by the ton! Pharma will praise you into the grave.

  • wirehyperspace 1 year ago

    could talk about hologram satellites that could block and dim sun so don’t have all the problems with global warming – or outer space [ back off my quantum computer on a helium rich planet – well i am not chasing that black hole – i am going to be where want to be ]

  • linda Thompson 1 year ago

    I have never seen a redder person

  • Cory Δ Ryse 1 year ago

    throw the money away !! YAHWAH

  • P Reese 1 year ago

    Richard Engel is an imperialist shill. Who would have known? Go home grindo!

  • 1destinyslegacy 1 year ago

    These writers for the tools are savages…

  • Jiri Andel 1 year ago

    “Biden abandons cherished Military-Industrial Complex”
    not really. did he made military budget cuts? No. he will still buy the bombs and tanks. It’s just that those tanks will be parked in US.

  • Clive KLG 1 year ago

    Carrie Prejean Boller supports the America First Policy Institute otherwise known as the KKK for short.

  • Jiri Andel 1 year ago

    Well, technically, you weren’t at war with Afghanistan, you were supporting legitimate Afghan government to fight terrorists called Taliban. And you stopped combat missions in 2014 so you weren’t in war practically since 2014. All you did was hand over Afghanistan to terrorists and totally demolish US reputation in the process.

  • BubblewrapHighway 1 year ago


  • Ned Ludd 1 year ago

    Did that ditzy blonde say “The pandemic is over. The parents are dumb”?

  • Unicorn Vic 1 year ago

    Biden has doing a great job as a President so far, but let’s remember that the GOP started it all, when Bush was president.

  • Charles Brightman 1 year ago

    Afghanistan Government and It’s Military not standing up when the USA and other nations left:

    a. Either a massive intelligence failure of the CIA, DOD, etc for not knowing the Afghanistan Government and it’s Military would do this (cut and run), or if they did know, not passing that information on.; and/or
    b. The US leadership (Political and Military) possibly knowing Afghanistan would do this, but lying to the American people (of which sad to say, the US leadership has been known to do on numerous occasions); and/or
    c. The US leadership (Political and Military) possibly not knowing Afghanistan would do this, (some leaders just out of touch with total reality).

    In any case, it’s a problem for ‘We The People’ of whom the entire US Government is supposed to be working for.

  • BroAnarchy 1 year ago

    Sooo… No Stephen Colbert for the rest of the year?
    Ok, then.

  • Brian Smith 1 year ago

    The power goes out every time the wind blows. Maybe put the wires up twice as high? /s How about burying the power lines????

  • Stigma 1 year ago

    I am really trying hard to erase the ‘Beautiful but stupid’-cliché from my head.
    This runner-up-barbie did not help.

  • Paul Graham 1 year ago

    So, we can cut our military budget now, right?

  • nsn 1 year ago

    The military-industrial complex will not go down easily. Engel is wrong in saying that Afghanistan was a republic. It was an American military outpost propping up a sleleton with a giant pipe into the federal budget.


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