Ingrid Newkirk: Animalkind | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on January 25, 2020

PETA founder and President Ingrid Newkirk joins Bill to discuss her book, “Animalkind” and their shared passion for animal advocacy.

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  • Catherine Williams 3 years ago

    But, does Ms Newkirk understand that without the attention that Circuses like Ringling brothers and water parks like Sea world gave to animals we never would’ve known they existed and we wouldn’t have cared about their existences. It bothers me how animal rights activists criticize these corporations. How would they have learned about these animals if they hadn’t gone to Sea World about Shamu or gone to the circus to see Lions, tigers and elephants? How much marine research was generated by Sea World aquariums.

  • Rache; Meatte 3 years ago

    regardless of how you may feel about Peta, they have done ALOT of work for animals and were if not the FIRST one to stand up for them. You got to admire that ??????

  • Catherine Williams 3 years ago

    I do admire her pluck though.

  • Maggic 3 years ago

    All animals belong to God — we’re only their caretakers. And one day He will ask us for an accounting. God created animals to feed our souls not our bellies.

  • Tom Burns 3 years ago

    The animal liberation movement started by the likes of Peter Singer is laudable. Modern PETA activists are not. A bit like the trend of most social movements, e.g. feminism.

  • Shirley Holman 3 years ago

    I can’t even imagine where animals would be if this wonderful lady had not founded PETA…

  • Gina G 3 years ago

    Ingrid is the sweetest spirit. As kind as could be. She is warrior.

  • mongopipes 3 years ago

    Life feeds on life,figure it out

  • StarkRaving Ralph 3 years ago

    OMG, as a former PETA believer and follower, she needs to be culled. What her organization has done to domestic animals is absolutely UNFORGIVABLE. This lying animal murdering sub human needs to be jailed for the rest of her life!

  • SappeREffecT 3 years ago

    I’m an open-minded person and before looking into PETA I just thought ‘yeah well we should treat animals with a degree of respect’ but they are actually stupid about it.
    I’m sorry, Bill you really shouldn’t have given these loonies oxygen, particularly when you a trusted voice of reason…
    I honestly don’t think you or any of your staff have actually looked into PETA in any depth…

  • Arham Khan 3 years ago

    Why are some animals more revered than others ? Is the life of a Mule or Donkey any less important than that of a horse or a dog ? If all Humans are created equal than why aren’t all animals treated equally? Why can’t people just give up eating meat when we have alternative foods that taste like meat ? The methane gas is horrid for environment and yet we keep breading them, are we bloody stupid? I gave up all meat 16 years ago & the thought of an animal being murdered in the cruelest way possible just make me so angry that I want to shove meat in the mouths of people that order meat dishes! Of course, I don’t actually do it but we can certainly boycott and supply & demand would take care of the rest .

  • RoughneckMP 3 years ago

    PETA is one group of people who will never understand how a great bacon cheeseburger can fix a really crappy day.

  • Keoni Bird 3 years ago

    She is a fucking lunatic! She Anthropomorphize Animals and then at the same time, supports mass euthanizing animals, “i.e pets”. I’m not a psychologist, but I suspect that she has a deep seeded hatred of herself and everything “Human”. She doesn’t care about “Animals”, she just wishes that “Humans” never existed.

  • Jim Mears 3 years ago

    Fuck PETA And Fuck Newkirk.

  • Universe Onesong 3 years ago

    What did Donald Trump say when he first saw Shamu the Killer Whale?

    “Does that come with fries?”.

  • Andrew Caller 3 years ago

    Animals kill each other in the most sadistic way every day on earth. Let’s not be silly. Yes, make their lives comfortable within reasonable limits. But this is frankly a bit culty.

  • Mai Mariarti 3 years ago

    I love all animals. They are all delicious. . . .

  • Quantumese Boy 3 years ago

    Thank you!

  • New Message 3 years ago

    I’m an ‘animal person’. Always have been.. but PETA is not what it seems. Look at their mission statement. It’s a long one… for a reason. A few pages in, you’ll find their proud assertion that no animal should be allowed to live in captivity, for any reason. They assert these animals should be put down, rather than live any kind of life that PETA doesn’t approve of. That include rehabs, endangered animals in breeding programs, and even your dog.
    When I worked at a zoo in the 80’s, a woman wandered around our zoo, throwing cucumber slices, soaked in antifreeze into every enclosure. Luckily, most of the animals ignored the bait, but a few did not… and died horribly. We caught her, she was arrested.
    She was bailed out by the head of the local PETA group.
    Her lawyer was paid for by PETA, and the fine she eventually was sentenced to pay.. paid by PETA.

    They are an extremist group with a really good PR team.
    Find the Cracked expose on them… it’s on yt, but keeps getting taken down, so might have to do some searching.

  • Ernie Llerena 3 years ago

    Sea World is about done as a theme park. The Circus went out of business. They forget to mention these things.


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