Inflation Reduction Act Is Great For The Environment | Alex Jones Is The Worst Human On The Planet

Published on August 8, 2022

Stephen celebrates the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 40%, and looks at the drama surrounding Alex Jones and the $49 million judgment in his defamation trial. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  • Tyler Tenkku 1 year ago

    Crap, someone copyright striked the LSSC… no sound

  • Djamonja 1 year ago

    Saying that the bill will reduce greenhouse emissions by 40% is extremely inaccurate (and I’m not opposed to the bill btw). At what point in time in the future is it reducing emissions by 40% and from what point in the past? Emissions were already going to drop by ~25-35% by 2030 (from 2005) with or without this bill, so even if this bill pushed it to 40%, that does not mean the bill will reduce greenhouse emissions by 40%, it means an extra 5% or so. Not that it matters much unless someone can get China, India, SE Asia and Africa to stop building new coal plants.

  • jean jeannot 1 year ago

    to all GOP voters , go F Y

  • Kevin Falkner 1 year ago

    Alex lawyer proves “lawyers can evolve” to the level of human being. Giving the right kind of fertilizer.

  • AII peopIe Rise to the urgency of the time 1 year ago

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  • Professor DooDoobutt 1 year ago

    When the Dollar Tree is selling goods at a dollar again that is when I will applaud them. Bernie knows that this is just a happy face sticker on the real problem. Wake up sheeple. The wolves are at the door and we are going down with the ship. Metaphor, metaphor , our doom is wearing sheeps clothes.

  • whataboutbob 1 year ago

    erm 40%? that is shit is to low…

  • Sheri Evans 1 year ago


  • The X Reaper 1 year ago

    We need more businesses and manufacturing companies so we don’t keep relying on China or other foreign nations (mainly the ones that are NOT our allies) for parts or products that we need to go green.

  • mikigirl18 1 year ago

    Oh, I’m SO glad that Alex Jones FINALLY got knocked down with that despicable accusation.

  • Mitchell Krouth 1 year ago

    Climate bill does not mean anything it is nothing but bullshit corporate giveaway. Does nothing to help anybody in the United States in anyway. United States is going down the sewer and taking every motherfucker with them. How are you doing

  • Elroy Foster 1 year ago

    Fantastic, now wait for it to get challenged in scotus and struck down.

  • NotBuyingIt 1 year ago

    We would all be much better off if Bernie got what he was fighting for. Way to ignore our cause. Fucking democrats almost as bad as republicans


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