Incubus Performs ‘Drive’ LIVE On The Late Show

Published on June 27, 2019

Incubus make their Late Show debut performing one of their biggest hits on Stephen Colbert’s live #DemDebate afterparty. Their “20 Years Of Make Yourself And Beyond” tour begins this Fall, for tickets and information visit

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  • Boy Aditya 3 years ago

    Brandon now looks like the dude on warmoth guitar channel …

  • Joyously Joyful 3 years ago

    Legit thought the guitar player was Michael Brooks for a second. I’ve missed this band. And SOAD. They need to come back already.

  • Melamagod 3 years ago

    very good performance

  • Robert idonotsharemyfullname 3 years ago

    brandon’s voice is fucked somehow… does he take lessons to keep it healthy ?

  • Cancun American 3 years ago

    Cool, but age tells us ALL when it’s time to possibly Tune Down a Half Step. ???
    I will try to sing this song tomorrow in my show!
    ? I may need a Kick in da’ BaLLz to start. ?????
    I’m older than Incubus! ?
    ?Is TOO high ??

    *Cheers from Mexico*

  • Cornelius Gustafason 3 years ago

    I think Brandon was sick here. He still sounds good tho.

  • Marcus 3 years ago

    damn he sounds awful now .. I’m about to go watch old live performances

  • Karan Gera 3 years ago

    This song was my tween to teenage! Can’t believe it’s been 20 years.

  • david slayer 3 years ago

    real music. <3

  • Laurence Goldkamp 3 years ago

    2:58 anyone else catch the smooth transition here?

  • james brost 3 years ago

    Ugh…. It sounds like bad karaoke… Not like i could do better tho.

  • RockAllStarsCollaborationProject D 3 years ago

    Stephen as a religious man you should let the band rock if they please, but not have had them on with a name like Incubus, or succubus… ignorance leads us into darkness.. praying for you and your show

  • Flying Filipino 3 years ago

    Tbh that was a pretty flat performance.

  • Kata Polt 3 years ago

    Rebirth of unplug. Thank you incubus.

  • Evoke Spirit 3 years ago

    Ouch his voice…

  • koolpebble 3 years ago

    I see a few comments about this not being Brandon’s best performance. Perhaps, he has a disorder that affects his vocal cords, kinda like Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys. It’s heartbreaking to see but I love that they’re still doing what they love…. Love this performance, by the way. Oh, the nostalgia….???

  • David P 3 years ago

    Honestly one of the better Sacramento bands of the rap rock era but then again low bars. Tap rockbsucks and Sacramento sucks.

  • Mike Mayberry 3 years ago

    Brandon sounds hoarse and that new bridge was weird in a bad way. ?

  • mark rigg 3 years ago

    Incubus are fucking amazing..: been listening to them for so many years now. Brandon’s voice is definitely not what it was but he did a good job.

  • Trade Craft 3 years ago

    Oh i remember these! this is a band right? ;D now all we need is for them to bring back solos


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