Inaccurate Breathalyzers | The Daily Show



  • Hasan Moradi 11 months ago

    1:06 that’s Russian alphabet.

  • Tucker Bowen 11 months ago

    Still more reliable than polygraphs

  • LordsMobile gang bang 11 months ago

    Always have have a sullution Mr noah

  • Zinhle Ngubane 11 months ago

    Ask for calibration certificates before being tested

  • Solomon The Third 11 months ago

    Note to self, get two giant beer boots for me and Trevor Noah

    Oh yea, it’s happening

  • Mr. Scoot Scooter 11 months ago

    4th grade career day, I failed two breathalyzers. At noon. After I got shit faced on chocolate milk at lunch.

  • Ed Axeman 11 months ago

    Dont drink, smoke a bowl instead! Problem solved!

  • laalaa99stl 11 months ago

    I have the entire alphabet written backwards on my shoes.

  • Eleni 1979 11 months ago

    This is no different than many of their field tests for drugs. There are plenty of cases where people have been pulled over and the officer has done a field drug test that has shown up narcotics when it was things ranging from plaster of Paris to powdered sugar.

  • carbonicdk2 11 months ago

    I Denmark you get taken for a blood test by a doctor for accurate measurement if the breathalyzer says you’ve had too much.

  • Richie Rich 11 months ago

    Great money maker for the grubs!

  • CASPER MOTIVE 11 months ago

    Who is here to laugh

    Describe to my channel, I need some follow ???

  • Artistic Lion 11 months ago


  • RancisGamer 11 months ago

    Always opt for the blood test and they have to take you to the hospital for it. Why rely on this device with a margin of calibration error.

  • Aadil Shah 11 months ago

    That’s why South Africa uses blood tests. The breathalyser is only used as see who needs a blood test. :p

    It’s weird seeing the USA being so ass-backward. We can’t even keep the lights on but we have scientific, evidence based blood alcohol testing. Meanwhile they use subjective and humiliating stupid pet tricks and it’s admissible in court

  • o PRODIGYS o 11 months ago

    The alphabet one is pretty stupid

  • hobbicles28 11 months ago

    Speaking of saying The Alphabet backwards:

    The alphabet song you may want to learn , is simply, easily and naturally better and actually helps to exponentially tune-up your grey matter.

    The links at the end of this comment will further explain.

    Now it’s a very fun song, and learning it may help if someday you are drunk, and you need to pass a road side sobriety test.

    In truth it will simply, easily, and humorously confuse the cop.

    Because you can have a blood alcohol level way above the legal limit, and
    You may be passing out every moment, be stumbling drunk, yet still pass the backwards alphabet test.


    It’s called the Backwards Alphabet song. You can learn it on this clip from the 1966 Alice through the looking glass, or Soupy Sales version respectively.

    Either will help.

    Have fun learning this.

  • Aaron Chilcoat 11 months ago

    YEA! KCTV5 News!!!!

  • J Cobbs 11 months ago

    Thanks Trevor, flat footer here!

  • MrNicoJac 11 months ago

    Uhm, I don’t know about how this shit works in America, but over here in Holland….:
    The breathalyzer is used as an indicator. Precisely because they’re very hard to keep calibrated all the time.
    So if you blow near the limit, it doesn’t show any percentage, it just reads “high.”
    And then you’re taken to the station where they have a very accurate, weekly calibrated, machine that’s bigger than a printer.


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