In Search Of The Next “Trump’s African-American”

Published on December 7, 2019

With the 2020 election fast approaching, President Trump has launched a new initiative to reach out to African-American voters. Real News Tonight’s Jim Anchorton hits the streets of New York City to see how the President’s message is being received. #Colbert #LSSC #Comedy

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  • Opus 313 2 years ago

    When I hear Donald say:
    “My African-American”
    it has a certain slavery sound to it and he makes me cringe with disgust!

  • Ancient Alien 2 years ago

    Have a strange and fantastic day ?

  • Devrick Thomas, M.S. 2 years ago

    Keep My African American Great 2020!!!

  • Haitian Creole With Luciano 2 years ago

    My African-American! Lol! Does he even think before he speaks?

  • "The Narrator" 2 years ago

    Not gonna lie, I didn’t expect his voice.

  • Chari Grant 2 years ago

    I feel like he wanted to say “my N (word)”. Either way, he’s trying waaay too hard and comes off as a slave driver. But remember, he’s the “least racist person “.

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte 2 years ago

    Trump was so close to using the n-word

  • Haitian Creole With Luciano 2 years ago

    ‘What’s up with that hairstyle you got there bro?’ Blackest straight talk I’ve heard all day! ??

  • Cronobacter Sakazakii 2 years ago

    We need to see more of Trump on BBCs …

  • Fe26 2 years ago

    Lowest unemployment rate for blacks in U.S. history. TRUMP2020!??

  • Langdon Alger 2 years ago

    I didn’t know Ru Paul was a politician……?

  • A Wee Scots Dog 2 years ago

    Donald Trump’s Scottish Roots
    (translated from the original Gaelic by Wee Radge McPuggie)

    His mother Mary Anne Macleod
    Was a Scot – don’t say it out loud
    For his Scottish genetics
    By some fancy phonetics
    I can’t hide – but of Trump we’re not proud

    So there we have it – those are his roots
    Birthplace of Ma – her first where-aboots
    The outer Hebrides
    Land of the “Wee Frees”
    That’s the church (if ye have ony doots)

    In Scotland there’s a place called Glen Affric
    Unspoiled by this real estate Maverick
    But Trump has made it a goal
    To label as a shlt hole
    Any place, with a name, starting “Afric”

    Scots lineage? He is fine being a Mac
    But he’ll tweet at you a vicious attack
    If in his family tree
    Or ancient clan ancestry
    You trace the slightest smidgeon of black

    For he denies any African root
    His agenda – it just doesn’t suit
    And he thinks he is pure
    But he’s just insecure
    Because he just isn’t all that astute

    Unlike Alex Haley’s Kunta Kinte
    Trump’s unheroic in every way
    But the truth is his past
    Has caught up at last
    His great grandpa was CLlnty McClinty


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