In Other News: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Sports Illustrated

Published on January 30, 2024

Seth takes a moment to highlight some troubling trends going on in the journalism industry.

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  • @meraaiki6129 3 months ago

    Seth stands in line??!!! WTH?

  • @annamatthew3916 3 months ago

    SETH!!! Your “no one can follow that trajectory, not even sports fans” joke should have gotten more laughter!

  • @Paineinyourblank 3 months ago

    How about some decency laws in broadcasting again. they had them before cable news and they need to make a comeback. HEAVY fines when telling lies

  • @Batters56 3 months ago

    3:21 Seth the biggest red flag on that bio is probably the first line… “Drew likes to say that he grew up in the wild, which is partially true.”

  • @sandrasaysrawwr 3 months ago

    I love “In other news “ segments! Please continue to do them

  • @danielmcinnes20 3 months ago


  • @Batters56 3 months ago

    Is this going to be a recurring bit on print news? Or just any other story that wants to John Oliver? If it’s print can I suggest “Print News Views with Seth Meyers”?

  • @MichaelClark-pc2nn 3 months ago

    Come on, Seth… The article actually did say “sex worker,” and you kept saying prostitute, which is becoming an outdated term. You guys should know better.

  • @garrysmith3615 3 months ago

    Much Better Seth,

    Nobody likes snide got it mades,

    When 80% of your countrymen are living week by week on the brink , not good.

    Stay funny , not snide

    I like Jimmy Fallon.

    Be like him.

  • @bdell519 3 months ago

    SO GRATEFUL for you, Seth! I’ve had to hold tight to humor (and Late Show folks for news) that I feel indebted to you! Thank you for saving my sanity. Colorado USA

  • @MarcKloos 3 months ago

    Wow – this segment and today’s Colbert’s monologue both have a high John Oliver vibe! And it was Oliver who taught us that the Sinclair network is evil!

  • @JillKnapp 3 months ago

    @4:37 I wish I could say it surprised me that that David Smith (the new owner of the Baltimore Sun) doesn’t even know the word is “drivel” and not “dribble.” Dumbass.

  • @aikanae1 3 months ago

    “news from doorman” …or comedy monologues.

  • @jb888888888 3 months ago

    100% “That’s not on a cue card I just know that” was written on a cue card. I’d bet all my Mac Tonight merch on it.

  • @peterp2626 3 months ago

    Hey you didn’t try to trick people into thinking this was A Closer Look, props to you.

  • @codygeorge1786 3 months ago

    Your graphics implied that Big Sexy played for Cleveland before Montreal which in incorrect. Fun fact, Montreal is the largest city in North America without a professional baseball team.

  • @garrysmith3615 3 months ago

    I realize you making money.

    That’s all marketing in merica is about.

    Meanwhile back in China

    They’ve proved they are more about they’re countrymen then merica has, globalization an all taking advantage of communist labor , so please, don’t be snide,
    You really have no room too.

    Oh hello wall Street

  • @anthonycotham4346 3 months ago

    Last Week Tonight

  • @annekabrimhall1059 3 months ago

    Actually the 5 hr energy guy is pretty awesome. They pay a living wage with preventative healthcare. They donate most of the profits to research and improvement

  • @ireadashortstory 3 months ago

    Correction? You forgot Bartolo Colon’s current team, the Karachi Monarchs. For real.


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