Impeachment Managers Make Powerful Case Against Trump to Open Trial: A Closer Look

Published on February 9, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, where House impeachment managers laid out powerful evidence of his guilt while most Republican senators had no interest in holding him accountable.

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  • Virginia Stansbury 3 years ago

    It’s amazing to me how many seem ( especially those guys on Fox news) to forget that their ancestors were immigrants unless they were descended from Native Americans. Hello.

  • The Smoking Hiker 3 years ago

    Doof Warrior FTW!

  • Timages Phx 3 years ago

    Jason Miller? PEZ dispenser. I was on the floor right there. Literally lmfao

  • Primalxbeast 3 years ago

    Shampoo is shampoo, what’s does it matter? The only thing that I could see that would be different about dog shampoo would be if they made it less likely to burn if it got in eyes since dogs don’t know to keep their eyes closed while being washed.

  • Evelyn Okay 3 years ago

    I mean, I know that McDonald’s hot coffee is a meme or whatever, but that woman was sitting in a parked car and received 3rd degree burns all over her groin area. She had to have multiple reconstructive surgeries and McDonald’s made a marketing campaign to mock her so viciously, no one would sue them for that again.

  • Mark M 3 years ago

    It seems that the narrative around the storming of the capitol has changed. The deaths used to be mentioned now the 140 injured police officers is the point and deaths no longer mentioned … Anyone know why?

  • Chris Lohman 3 years ago

    nice flannel dude.

  • Evelyn Okay 3 years ago

    NGL: I used fabric softener instead of laundry detergent for whole year because I didn’t read the label. I’m stupid lol

  • Antenna Wilde 3 years ago


  • I Shot My Boss 3 years ago

    We know the nukes are in the air the moment fox news covers migrating tree frogs.

  • BlondeGirlSez This 3 years ago

    Why would the GOP senators care about nearly being murdered by thugs when they can lap at the cavernous basement door of their Golden Shower Calf

  • Javier Ramire 3 years ago

    Will think about it the standard never applied to them before an honestly I don’t think it’ll stick at all hell get if an so will his entire militia this is america after all

  • Gavon Morrison 3 years ago

    Waiting for a Brett “The Boof Warrior” Kavanaugh joke

  • Roy McGregor 3 years ago

    Faux & Fiends – Fearmongering Americans since 1996.

  • CD_ Promo 3 years ago

    Maga Logic:
    Hey trump supporters
    When your team doesn’t win the Super Bowl
    do you storm the field
    tackle and beat up the refs
    tear down the goal posts
    and steal the trophy?

    Why Not?

  • tomitstube 3 years ago

    the “law and order” president and republican party have lost ALL credibility.

  • sainthood10001 3 years ago

    Convict for multiple homicides.


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