Iman – Celebrating the Legacy of Black Models | The Daily Show

Published on November 21, 2022

Supermodel and producer Iman discusses the journey of creating “Supreme Models,” the first ever docuseries to dive into the legacy of Black models breaking stereotypes in the industry and their contributions to civil rights movements throughout history. #DailyShow #Comedy




  • Brittany Miller 4 months ago


  • Christ Follower 4 months ago

    Senator, “Can you please answer YES or NO??” How American authorities specialize in not being able to answer simply, agains the senator’s time. Thought former RSA president Jacob Zuma was bad…

  • Kris W. 4 months ago

    Why does she STILL look that AMAZING!😍😍😍 Wow!!! Brains and beauty! Priceless! LEGEND!

  • 👁️Lithofayne🌿 4 months ago


  • ln2675 4 months ago

    A true beautiful soul…

  • me Ashley 4 months ago

    Iman and Naomi Campbell are the most beautiful women in the world. It’s just the way it is

  • Andre King 4 months ago

    Iman and grace jones were always so beautiful and my crushes

  • sheikh zakaria 4 months ago

    Iman somali supreme model keep going

  • myersta 4 months ago


  • Vermin Killah 4 months ago

    Iman is very beautiful and talented. I first remember seeing her in that old Star Trek movie. number 6, Undiscovered Country I believe. 😍😁❤

  • Leathia Williams 4 months ago

    That’s shocking considering we have been influencing styles since the invention/creation of clothing

  • Deborah Blackshear 4 months ago

    Such a Beautiful Woman.

  • Clickbait Cabaret 4 months ago

    Iman is still the coolest women on the planet.

  • Resilient Red 4 months ago

    Thank you, to this Legend!❤

  • Kasturi Pillay 4 months ago

    Just love Iman.♥️ I can see why David Bowie was in love with her.
    Trevor and Iman sharing the stage.😊👍

  • Tiffany James 4 months ago

    I remembered having 2 look back at media from the 80s, 90s + early y2k as a teen to find the black + brown models (Iman, Yasmeen, Naomi etc) bcuz just like Iman said in the 2010s they were barred out in the industry. They disappeared just like the black sitcoms/family shows. Only recently have things been a bit diff in this social media/influencer age w’ the fashion industry.

  • Udntknome XX 4 months ago

    I remember seeing Iman and Beverly Johnson in Ebony, Jet & Essence magazine growing up. I was too young to understand the articles but seeing them in & on the magazines were EVERYTHING.

  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh 4 months ago

    Hi Trevor I have 1 small request from myside, can you please make a video on the ongoing genocide and forceful conversion of Hindus in pakistan and bangladesh. As per a recent statistic, everyday close to 3 pakistan Hindu women are picked, married and forcibly converted. During the partition, the Hindu Demographics in pak was 15% and is now 2% and in bd it was 25% and now is 8%. Peoples houses are burned, they are looted and sometimes even worse they are killed if they deny conversion. Whatever is happening is beyond imagination and you will discover new things as you Dive Deep into this. As per my observations, this channel has been exposing truths multiple times so requesting you to make a video on this. Thanks 🙏!

  • Dre 4 months ago

    Iman and Sade never seem to age.


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