Imaginary Allergies, Hospital Price Transparency & A High-Tech Tragedy in Las Vegas | The Daily Show



  • Mary Rose Kent 5 days ago

    Medicare for All, people—it’s the way to go!

  • Jade Birk 5 days ago

    Sounds like doctors just telling us we’re crazy and not doing their fucking job assholes over paid assholes

  • Red Umbrella 5 days ago

    I have Trumpnorrhea! No cure, only large amount of alcohol bring down the side effects.

  • Zawn Kostean 5 days ago


  • Fran Pertcy 5 days ago

    so????!!! I’m going to have a heart attack….when they tell me how much it’s goin to cost? WOW! what a customer Base!….next !

  • Thomas Reedy 5 days ago

    Food allergies are not the same as food insensitivity. A person who is lactose intolerant is not allergic to milk. They cannot digest lactose, they do not a have an autoimmune response to it.

    Just because a person doesn’t have celiac doesn’t mean the react poorly to gluten. And many times they may react poorly to the sugars in wheat and not the gluten but wouldn’t know the difference.

    And if you have been gluten free for a while. You will likely feel different when adding it back in, but that doesn’t mean you are intolerant.

  • worldkeepers 5 days ago

    Re: 02:07
    I am not a doctor but the appendix is on your left side.. If you truly ever had appendicitis you would have remembered that for the rest of your life. Otherwise, the joke is well-played!

  • kevin Asiimwe 5 days ago

    😂😂 am glad Trevor Noah said it. Everyone back home in Africa thinks allergies are a white people thing.

  • dankwrasslin 5 days ago

    very insensitive towards robots

  • S T 5 days ago

    :35 “…not allergic to anything.” Yeah, that’s not what they said. There’s an FM morning zoo opening for your writers in Fargo, Trevor.

  • MisterB 5 days ago


    Car: “GTA Robo-Fucker!” *speeds off down the street* “Haha!”

  • Chris Alan 5 days ago

    what kind of high tech tragedy? We talking about ‘hundreds of iphones destroyed’ or ‘hundreds destroyed with an iphone’?

  • Andrew Tomlinson 5 days ago

    Hypochondriac…I think I have that.

  • Apocalypse487 5 days ago

    People get side effects from pain meds and think it’s allergies. People are just stupid.

  • Abby Morris 5 days ago

    “You guys should have let me die!” I’ve said that so many times. The doctors and nurses REFUSE to tell me costs.

  • melvina628 5 days ago

    Robot-on-robot crime.

  • blupunk01 5 days ago

    Food allergies are a sign that a society has way too much food. Most people throughout most of human history ate whatever they were lucky enough to get their hands on and were thankful for it.

  • Beast Mode 5 days ago

    How high does trevor look in that avi

  • Rustic 5 days ago

    Robot racism


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