If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Mental Health Stigma in the Black Community | The Daily Show

Published on December 17, 2019

A closer look at how black people are kept from therapy by racial inequalities in diagnosing mental illness, a lack of black therapists, and stigma from within the black community. #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow #TheDailyShow



  • Ivy 4 months ago

    This isn’t news, everytime there’s a mass shooter and he’s white they say he has.mental health issues. If a black or brown person commits a crime they are called thugs even if it stems from mental health issues. The other half of that is the black church. Some super religious people claim that jesus is going to take care of it all and medicine and/or a psychologist. God or jesus isn’t going to do everything for us so we need to help ourselves with what’s available.

  • AOC Industries 4 months ago

    ?? to the Jesus and church nonsense

  • Auld Goat 4 months ago

    Hey, make fun of of us. Black and white we are out here. Trevor makes fun but blacks and whites have mental problems we can’t even find a doctor. And then we get blamed for shootings and any other thing. Why don’t we get equal care? Fuck off.

  • Stacey Lloyd 4 months ago

    When he busted out the organ! Then the collection plate! ???

  • Adeyemi Olusegun 4 months ago

    Roy wood Jr is d best

  • Jason Denney 4 months ago

    Hell im white and its hard for my therapist and caseworker to even understand me! Im bipolar with Manic Depression !! They try to cure me with pills that fuck up my body and doesn’t remotely help!!!

  • Gaining Ground 4 months ago

    Now we making fun of MLK? What a fucking clown

  • Lydia Debold 4 months ago

    I need help right now and I don’t know where to go and what to do I’m suing this country

  • Carla EA 4 months ago

    “Church is fun,” lemme stop you right there

  • Mr Rodriguez 4 months ago

    I see my white therapist to get AWAY from niggas??????

  • Herb Tenderson 4 months ago

    Nigga you crazy.

  • V Z 4 months ago

    Some more anti-white propaganda by the one and only Trevor Noah. Bravo!

  • K K 4 months ago

    For some reason I read “Mental Health Stigma is the Black Market”

    I was… interested

  • meir p. 4 months ago

    Most racist video I’ve ever watched

  • The Variety Channel of youtube 4 months ago

    Shouldn’t this be getting declared a national emergency? Why isn’t this considered a serious crisis that doctors are refusing to treat anyone who isn’t a white man for depression? I’m so sick and tired of nothing ever getting done about this stuff. If anyone has any suggestions for something I can do, please let me know

  • Creation Creation 4 months ago

    Always the victiams.

  • BokaNoah 4 months ago

    nobody really talks about us Asians in school and the pressure and stress that we go through on a daily bases and our system is basically just sacrificing years of your life, fun, and childhood till you “make it” meanwhile never feeling good enough and being compared to everyone else.

  • ভাইসাব Bros 4 months ago

    Only in America you will see racism in 2019

  • Filmation77 4 months ago

    But we’ve come from a culture where we “Stuff Everything Down” and Just keep going and take stacks of shit everyday even inside our own homes and our families.And There is no outlet and even the barbershop or Church can understand.weve been so used to eating our feelings

  • Max Steel 4 months ago

    *I’m all for getting help but considering that Dentistry and Psychology are the top fields for SEXUALLY ABUSING PATIENTS.*
    *I think that entire field needs MAJOR oversight before anyone endorses going there.*


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