If You Don’t Know, Now You Know: Australia’s Wildfires | The Daily Show

Published on January 9, 2020

Wildfires tear through Australia causing death and destruction, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison takes heat for his handling of the situation, and good Samaritans around the world step up to help out. #IfYouDontKnowNowYouKnow #TheDailyShow



  • tone loc 5 months ago

    This is judgement from the most high! Remember, these people took this land from the aboriginal people! They committed horrible acts of violence against those people! Judgement day has finally come to Esau ??

  • Xiaojun Li 5 months ago

    Australian government is so useless. They only sent 2500 firefighters over 200 fire spots in 2 months… it’s year 2020 now, and they still use human power and helicopters to put down fire…. please learn some new technology from China and Japan. That fire was not the most horrible fire people have ever seen. The root cause is that the Aus government just left the fire spread over 2 months without too much interfering, and they thought it’s happening every year and no big deal.

  • Necessary _Bee 5 months ago

    You don’t want to get your own personal Bush fire lol

  • Brian Ladyman 5 months ago

    Don you are a fucking communist idiot

  • Daywalker 2018 5 months ago

    But you cant tell a trumptard that this is a real threat

  • Dave Franklin 5 months ago


  • Bon Rex 5 months ago

    an entire segment on Australia wildfires and no single mention on how people are setting it on fire. but yeah sure blame only the global warming. sure, that is the only thing you should worry about.

  • mattin 5 months ago

    People hate whatever leader, really sorry to Australians.

  • Timothy Nyota 5 months ago

    All this is natural, not man made

  • Medusa Skull 5 months ago

    This is obviously a preventable incident. Keep blaming on climate change and forgetting about common sense solution to our problem.

  • lord luvs me 5 months ago

    Fire tornado!!!! Damn

  • Kyle D 5 months ago

    Everytime Trevor says if you don’t know now you know I want him to say it like Biggie

  • Aditi 5 months ago

    And people still won’t go vegan because taste tho??‍♀️

  • King_of _Prince 5 months ago

    This reminds me of into the storm the part where their was a fire tornado

  • Suzy Q 5 months ago

    Rake a little everyday, that’ll keep the fires away.?
    ?? Make Australia Rake Again! ??

  • Sameer Acharya 5 months ago

    We have people in power who do not want any responsibility.

  • The Safespace 5 months ago

    By the way this guy looks really smart

  • Lava Magma 5 months ago

    Wtf pm is on vacation while his country is burning ?I cannot look at these images it is too much Painful and heart breaking??salute to the man to refused to handshake with him ??✌? PM must be voted out ? selfish PM

  • David Willis 5 months ago

    People started these fires. 180 arrested so far.

  • Diamond Buckets45 5 months ago

    For everyone in Australia I hope you and you’re family and friends are safe


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