“If We Don’t Learn From Our Past, America’s Future Is Not Going To Be Too Bright” – Charlamagne

Published on July 27, 2022

South Carolinians Charlamagne Tha God and Stephen Colbert talk about the purpose and importance of The International African American Museum which is set to open in their home state in 2023. Charlamagne Tha God’s late night show, “Hell of A Week,” premieres this Thursday after “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central. #Colbert #HellofaWeek #CharlamagneThaGod

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  • rvScript 10 months ago

    I hope we learn.

  • gmlgml780 10 months ago

    _”… If We Don’t Learn From Our Past, America’s Future Is Not Going To Be Too Bright …”_

    Bright thought.
    And people never learn
    The learning process of
    people is
    called evolution.
    More of a slow process.
    You’ll need much
    Until then, all future is

  • dizzybynature 10 months ago

    i hope they link up with the Underground Railroad Museum in Cincinnati..
    imagine a museum that was interactive across the states to show the journey and reality of slave life..

  • Karen Johannessen 10 months ago

    “You can’t Heal what you Don’t Reveal” ~ Charlamagne Tha God
    Preach, friend!

  • Dark Academia 10 months ago

    Who the hell has ‘Tha God’ in their name? So stupid, blasphemous, and pompous. Black people already have it hard enough as it is -.- don’t make it worse dude

  • Joye Jahnke 10 months ago

    My earliest Enslave African American ancestor I have found, was born in the Low Country of Charleston South Carolina in 1732. Hey Stephen I am 8% Irish, my brother. Hard being

  • bob dobbs 10 months ago

    People should be aware that the Orange County Jail system is racist and practices strict segregation for all inmates. Peckerwoods get the nice water fountain, and shower, and the Homiez, the Brothers, and the Others have to share an inferior facility. This is a racist system of ‘justice’ operating openly in America in 2022. If you fail to comply with the strict policy of segregation, you will be physically punished by other inmates in a 2-on-1 fight in the back of the jail where the camera’s can’t see clearly. The sheriff’s deputies strictly enforce a racist policy of intimidation and segregation.

    This is America today, in a fairly affluent, fairly diverse community. I am just reporting the facts I as see them.

  • Thomas the Seer 10 months ago

    Charlemagne tha God for president 2024

  • Stevens DIY 10 months ago

    I’m a liberal but I sure as fuk cannot stand this dude

  • Tr3X Shadd 10 months ago

    Please my brother, let it be the American whatever, do scratch the international from the name. The black American drag Africans and slaves in all of their b.s. but have never even gone to visit, work on any projects to do with Africa or slaves. I mean they literally hijack the whole movement and yet their are 2 whole countries with returned/freed slaves. Ask him if he has ever been to Freetown. We the krio, have a saying: empty buckets causes lot of noise. Black Americans are the empty buckets of the freed slaves.

  • Yautja Prime 10 months ago

    Not a religious person at all but anyone that calls themselves a god is an egotistical maniac. I can’t believe he even has a single fan with a name like that

  • Susie Hardeman Reynolds 10 months ago

    The History of the United States MUST, MUST, MUST be taught in its entirety so that the children, the young adults will understand the country’s evolution from, for example, only property owners being allowed to vote [white males with property while the majority of white males could not vote] to ALL Americans being allowed to vote.

  • G H 10 months ago

    Clearly stated what so many are feeling right now !
    Can’t wait to see Hell of a Week. Kudos for bringing comedy and perspective when we need it most !


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