If Nurses Are Fucked, We’re Fucked



  • klondike444 10 months ago

    Let’s not mention the injection mandates resulting in nurses quitting or being fired. That doesn’t fit the TV-supported big pharma narrative, does it Sam?

  • E. Pluribus Unum 10 months ago

    I hate to break it to anyone that didn’t already know, but this has been going on for years, way before the pandemic. Nurses are just more victims of capitalism and sexism, and if something doesn’t change quickly you’ll be getting even worse medical care than you have been.

  • NullReferenceException 10 months ago

    Needs more equality in a female dominated industry, need more male nurses.

  • Shaun Mattice 10 months ago

    This is why I’m glad Canada has a universal healthcare system…

  • Katie noneofyourbusiness 10 months ago

    Baby boomers lol let’s just call them what they are… maga clan.

  • Jinx Dragon 10 months ago

    You are asking for Empathy, from the dreaded American Keren?

  • Endeavors_DnB 10 months ago

    Hospitals are starting to use robots and have been for a number of years now. It’s happening more and more. Def not sure how I feel about that. There’s already too much of a disconnect between patients and healthcare staff, we need nurses not rowbits!

  • Celeste Mulcrone 10 months ago

    Thanks so much for covering this, it’s really a gigantic systemic problem, and not new. I was a bedside BSN once…

  • Richard Bowles 10 months ago

    Hospitals are completely nasty to nurses, let alone patients. I’m not sure why anyone would want to be a nurse.

  • Collin McLean 10 months ago

    CNA who worked 3rd shift on my hospital’s covid floor. There were nights we only had 1 CNA for every 15 patients and we’re one of the better staffed floors. And yeah, the getting punched one rings true…
    I’ve been peed on, grabbed, bitten, kicked, and punched. One time all within the same week. I do very much love my job and the work I’m doing but still… It is physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting…

  • happy nurse 10 months ago

    I am a registered nurse working 33 years in ICU I do not go home one morning out of every 50 that I can say to myself I enjoyed my job last night

  • Stewart Glencrose 10 months ago

    Like Kitty says in that 70s show, “always be nice to nurses, they stop doctors from killing you”

  • xįrx 10 months ago

    We are having same problem in the U.K. since Brexit and the pandemic.
    Highly undervalued staff.

  • Birdie Stheno 10 months ago

    Crying in respiratory therapy

  • Pete Stanton 10 months ago

    According to the Democracy At Work channel, The Sickness Is The System.

  • Nick DesRosiers 10 months ago

    “Hospital CEOs” might be one of the worst things i have ever heard

  • Nurse Therese 10 months ago

    Thank you for this! The situation right now is terrifying behind the scenes. I’ve been in unsafe situations in my 15 years as a NICU RN. I have made errors because I had more patients assigned to me than was safe. The hospital’s profit motives driving these unsafe conditions are unethical, unsafe and overall terrifying.

  • Cheryl Carlson 10 months ago

    Thanks for amplifying the issues. Most of 39 yrs I worked was out of the most liberal ratio and having to do multiple ancillary roles at the same time. IT WAS HORRIBLE. ANA only lobbies for members and their own agenda at their own pace. In many places you will be fired for talking about union…

  • William Minson III 10 months ago

    There is only one reason for the shortage and needs not to be said but there is only one reason or people that are making this happen!

  • Jerome Wong 10 months ago

    Truth. I’d still be working in my favorite subacute rehab hospital if a certain northern NJ hospital chain hadn’t decided we weren’t making them enough money, despite our unit operating or near capacity the entire six years I’d been there until administration forced us to shut down. I’ve gone into school nursing and I ain’t ever going back to the hospital, despite not getting paid anywhere near as much as in a hospital nor getting anywhere near as many resources. (Kids aren’t all complete monsters.)


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