If Now Isn’t The Time To Talk About Guns, When Is?

Published on October 4, 2017

Days after the Las Vegas massacre, Republicans are dusting off their favorite excuse for why they can’t discuss gun laws.

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  • Adrian Duran 10 months ago

    But immediately after 9/11 was the time to be talking about airport security and foreign terrorism

  • HaiHiung Lo 10 months ago

    Yeah, Republicans don’t want to talk about gun violence after a massive gun violence incidence, but quietly pass law that will make gun violence worse. Sounds legit…

  • Ap_26 10 months ago

    Republicans are beyond the worst people that exist… They wanna kill us with guns and bad healthcare

  • Andrew Smith 10 months ago

    Welp. The US is fucked…

  • Mr Wilson 10 months ago

    when comedians make more sense than leaders… btw made a song about mom’s spaghetti thought you guys should know with all the sad news going on you can use a bit of humour…. dnt read my profile picture

  • Selam Wubante 10 months ago

    Republicans are evil and if you haven’t figured it out by now… your probably a republican.

  • Jason Blade 10 months ago

    Gutless, spineless, heartless GOP Rep, politicians and Fox pundits…. all this deflections only because of NRA big
    checks…. disgusting

  • gorican 10 months ago

    A simple argument: enact a law that prohibits owning a gun (or atleast limits ownership) and if the result is one less (just 1 !!) death you have already won. Whole world has gun control laws and it works….thats just a fact. Australia enacted one after a massacre and it worked… GB enacted one and it worked…
    I see the same argument over and over again: gun laws won’t help because ‘bad guys’ would still be able to get them… now what kind of a fucked up logic is that… its like saying… criminal code (prohibiting murder) is useless because ‘bad guys’ will still kill people.

  • m 10 months ago

    The right wing when news of the Vegas shooting first broke: “I bet it was a Muslim terrorist. See, we need to strengthen this travel ban and keep Muslims out of the country!”
    After they found out it was a white guy: “Let’s not politicize this tragedy!”

  • Showtime Lakers 2.0 10 months ago

    Guns don’t kill people, people k….Ahhhh fuck that shit!

  • mcrazza 10 months ago

    Ironic that whenever “Australia” and “gun laws” are uttered in the same sentence it immediately gets shot down by Republicans and angry gun owners.

  • Arrest Fogh Rasmussen 10 months ago

    Guns cars and alcohol should be banned eternal.

  • Nogarda Gaming 10 months ago

    Maybe when a small business gets attacked by some crazed gun nut killing everyone until they are shot dead by police things will change. Because small business is the backbone of America right? So maybe that will make America stop because it’s back is broken. Maybe get congress to blink once for yes and twice for no in its apparent paralysis.

  • Anne Sewell 10 months ago

    There is no reason for a private citizen to own an automatic weapon. Imagine spraying that deer with hundreds of bullets? Inedible.

  • Lauden Clear 10 months ago

    and Americans can do nothing about it.

  • leti _S 10 months ago

    Dear America, in normal countries we have very strict laws about guns and we don’t have all these mass shootings. Think about that before saying that you need them for self defense. I’m pretty sure that the number of people killed in these tragedies is way higher than the number of people that used their guns to ‘defend themselves’

  • Big_Steve 380 10 months ago

    It doesnt matter how much u control it. But with more strict the less people that are allowed to help in those situations.

  • Sideon Sid 10 months ago

    *It has only been 18 years* since Columbine .This is not the time to talk about Gun-control or to push partisan political agendas Let the victims HEAL . I am sick and tired of the virtue-signalling by Liberals .
    The flag , the Anthem and the Christian religion are the only acceptable tools of virtue-signalling our patriotism and political agendas.

  • Reneiloé 10 months ago

    i get that americans love guns but after so many mass shootings why dont you think gun control will help…..the whole people kill people argument is valid but you cant control people But you can do something about guns

  • caphalor08 10 months ago

    Make the vote compulsory? If everyone HAS to vote the power of lobbying should decline at a decent rate because they’d make up a much smaller percentage of the vote.


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