Ice Cube Discusses The Oscars Racism Controversy – The Graham Norton Show

Published on January 22, 2016

Ice Cube explains why he doesn’t get caught up with the furore around awards

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  • Terry Baldock 4 years ago

    Good on you ice cube, nicely said.

  • rick nineg 4 years ago

    Very well stated. Thanks for standing for what’s right.

  • Darragh Nolan 4 years ago

    Finally a black actor who speaks out about it without bias and actually
    makes an ounce of sence…

  • Selazer RS 4 years ago

    tonights show looks awesome, don’t recognise the two on the right but seem
    awesome people. Love kevin hart

  • TheoKabala89 4 years ago

    Some sense, finally!

  • AllieC 4 years ago

    It’s one of those situations where people who you’d thought never see
    together on the same television screen.. are. And Hugh Laurie giving props
    to Ice Cube is just a bonus. Only on Norton, and to a lesser extent, James

  • Anton Pursiainen 4 years ago

    Is that white guy Hugh Laurie? I love House!

  • Digonto Zahid 4 years ago

    brilliantly answered by ice cube ……

  • Batman 4 years ago

    Get this trending

  • Mr. Richardson 4 years ago

    They only clapped when that doctor person confirmed what ice cube said haha

  • Akira Akimoto 4 years ago

    Best metaphor ever for a situation like this. :)

  • Daniel Applebaum 4 years ago

    Finally some sanity on this silly controversy!

  • Hannah Waage 4 years ago

    This is the best statement about the controversy that I have heard yet!
    Well said!

  • Rafee Shahin 4 years ago

    “It’s like crying about not having enough icing on your cake.” Absolutely
    perfect explanation, someone send that to Jada.

  • Orken1 4 years ago

    Very well put by Mr. Ice Cube.

  • Stephen Carmickle 4 years ago

    A person shouldn’t be nominated for an award based on their skin color, but
    for their performance on the screen.

  • StrongImaginationA 4 years ago

    Well, he certainly has a point, but it is a fact that it’s always been
    white people who maintain the standards for succes and lead the
    institutions that decide what is ‘good’ culture. It’s one thing to make a
    world outside of that and being happy about your work being acknowledged in
    other settings, but wouldn’t a complete reformation of the dominant
    institutions be a better option?

  • LotusEater 4 years ago

    Applaud only when a WHITE man confirms a Black mans statement XD

  • Alain Rochette 4 years ago


  • whiteribbonman1 4 years ago

    Ice Cube is on a British television show & couldn’t remove the head gear.
    Whoa! Like The First Lady is the first First Lady to hug England’s Queen on
    first meeting. Bummer!

  • Farmer Nate 4 years ago

    By purposely putting black people into the nominees to ‘avoid racism’ is
    actually being racist.

  • Jessica Anthony 4 years ago

    if a black person wins an oscar white people say ‘it’s only bc they’re
    black’ and if a black person doesn’t even get nominated white people say
    ‘well it’s just bc they’re not good enough.’ there IS bias in the industry
    and it’s naive to think it’s pure coincidence that an academy full of old
    white men only picked white people in the acting category.

  • dub2459 4 years ago

    Now this is why ice cube helped mold a generation well said sir. Cube

  • Clifton Thompson 4 years ago

    People are missing the point. He is talking about his movie receiving
    critical acclaim and he couldn’t be upset because he was fortunate to
    receive any acclaim because most don’t that’s what he meant about him
    personally would be like complaining about icing on the cake, he wasn’t
    referring to other movies or actors just himself. Also he starts by saying
    he never cared or went to the Oscar in the first place so it don’t matter
    to him. He does not represent all actors or industry minorities just
    because he is one as well. Basically it does matter to some it’s not just
    icing on a cake to other minorities in the industry it is their DREAM to
    win an Oscar not some horse race or chance of luck you throw your twenty
    dollar bet on.

  • ShamelessBroadway 4 years ago

    ……..first time I’ve ever disagreed with IceCube. You guys are missing
    the entire point.

  • Marko Erlic 4 years ago

    Well said. I mean…why doesn’t anyone boycott the NBA for always awarding
    black people? Well maybe because they dominate the field. Just like white
    people dominate the oscars. There should be a bigger diversity in any of
    the fields…but don’t force it…find a deserving and respected way to do

  • maymaylingling 4 years ago

    well said

  • Pricilla Iuvale 4 years ago

    it’s quite ironic how jada pinkett smith only calls for a boycott when
    will’s movie doesn’t get nominated. similarly, spike lee has claimed that
    he will be boycotting the osar’s – notably, his film also failed to get a
    nod. these people are butthurt over the fact that their work wasn’t
    nominated, simple as that.

  • Mr.J.L. Taylor 4 years ago

    Notice how Cube is speaking for himself and not for Blacks and the bigger
    picture? It’s because he is CONTENT with riding in the back of the bus. Ice
    Cube isn’t qualified to speak on such a matter of relevance.

  • DrunkenRampage 4 years ago

    Finally! Somebody said what we were all thinking. Thank you Snoop Dogg.

  • FatalKrouzer 4 years ago

    Realest OG since day 1.

  • gabriel rathbone 4 years ago

    Ice cube in interviews seems so nice
    I can’t imagine him hitting up buildings and killing people like he did in
    the film

  • Joshie102 4 years ago

    If you flip the situation around, and the majority of, or if not, all the
    nominees were black, ask yourself this, would you see a tone of white
    people creating a #oscarssoblack hashtag, and asking for a boycott? No.
    Why? Because that would be racist. Being black, and undermining,
    discriminating, and mocking white people to feed your own,”diverse” agenda,
    isn’t any less racist. Especially when you hypocrites do the same thing.

  • Emily Boulter 4 years ago

    I do think the Oscars are racist because of those who vote but I think he
    has a very good point because it’s just one set of stupid awards

  • dalemazkour1 4 years ago

    My thought is if people think the oscars are too white than why don’t
    people accuse the nba of being to black or the nfl for being too black

  • DeAndre Fuentes 4 years ago

    the screen play was written by white people.

  • luis39205 4 years ago

    Eloquently put. If you act to get an Oscar then I think there’s something
    completely wrong with your priorities.

  • HamadTx 4 years ago

    Wait. I cannot believe Kevin Hart didn’t say a word throughout this video?

  • Osama Bin Laden 4 years ago

    ice cube did all the talking but kanye west didnt say anything

  • rye catcher 4 years ago

    You can boycott something you haven’t been to. That’s why you haven’t been.

  • SwantonSexBomb 4 years ago

    Ice Cube is in possession of the most powerful weapon known to mankind.

  • Tessa Reaston 4 years ago

    maybe if blacks didn’t keep making the same boring slave/gangsta/civil
    rights/violence movies they’d get one.
    you can’t get an award for acting if you are just being yourself and
    filming it. same goes for the black authors tbh

  • johndoewdsf 4 years ago

    The funniest part is the audience doesn’t clap or cheer after the comment
    by Ice Cube. They wait for for the white guy before clapping and going

  • Jack Johnson 4 years ago

    Ice Cube, you’re not an actor. You are a rapper. Acting is just a vehicle
    for you to make some money. It’s more than about “the fans” Mr. Cube. It’s
    about Black actors & filmmakers being overlooked for racial reasons. Of
    course you’re not complaining, it’s an easy paycheck for you. You get
    handed opportunities over serious black filmmakers because the studio heads
    already feel like you have a solidified fan base because of your music
    career. Your heart is not into it. You’re not invested in black Hollywood.
    Making movies is just a way to keep you relevant & making money because
    your albums don’t sale like they use to.

  • DeeLillyHannah 4 years ago

    he answered this perfectly.

  • CoonTerroist 4 years ago

    Ice Cube ain’t even an actor. His opinion doesn’t matter.

  • Mark Nguyen 4 years ago

    finally… who thought ice cube would be the voice of reason.

  • JaneneWilson235 4 years ago

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  • Twisted86 4 years ago

    Ice Cube just earned massive points with me now, loved his movies but now I
    admire him as a man.

  • verkzkillsz 4 years ago

    What about BET? lol hypocrites. black people just didn’t make good movies
    this year let’s be real SOC wasn’t even THAT good.

  • g devine 4 years ago

    only white people gaf about the oscars. its hollywoods way of giving you a
    gold star for doin what your told.

  • pidouble145 4 years ago

    That’s the first time Kevin Hart just shut the FUUUG UP!!!

  • Sup? 4 years ago

    MOSTLY the non black people agree with him, but more black people agree
    with Jada.

  • Vladomin 4 years ago

    I have good YouTube videos

  • AquariusLady Gorgeouz 4 years ago

    Ice Cube is exactly right! You make movies for the fans and not the
    industry. It is not about the awards or trophies but about educating and
    entertaining people.

  • XplosiveDaddy 4 years ago

    I find it so interesting that they made the thumbnail reversed. In the UK
    they have the host on the Left and in the US the host is always on the
    Right. I think they know their audience for this video and made it so Cube
    and Hart were looking to the right to not confuse people clicking the

    Brilliant awareness

  • HungryCupcake 4 years ago

    Listen, it doesn’t matter what colour you are. It’s if you’re a good actor.
    And also, think about it, how many lead black/Asian actors are there in
    movies have you seen?

  • IronIvory 4 years ago

    “we do movies for the fans, for the people” My man Ice Cube

  • Peyton Warren 4 years ago

    How is this a problem? Black people make up 13 percent of the US
    population, it only makes sense for them to make up about 13 percent of the

  • zamardii12 4 years ago

    This would be an issue if the Oscars actually mattered.

  • Jeremy Dangelo 4 years ago

    Whoever you see ice you see Kevin too

  • Bob Frankenstein 4 years ago

    “Why do white people never win NBA mvp?”
    “Cuz black people are better players.”
    “Why do black people never win oscars?”
    “Cuz white people are better actors.”
    Same things, no ones boycotting the NBA

  • SultanMenzuma 4 years ago

    Well put, but at the same time Ice Cube has very little regard for awards
    in general. Winning awards does boost an artist’s salary and popularity so
    it does raise the question whether or not minorities are being undermined
    systematically as there were many movies and actors that could’ve easily
    been nominated. While Ice Cubes input is important, we must remember that
    his opinions on the worth of an award isn’t the same as others.

  • Lauren MacWhinney 4 years ago

    he answered it amazingly, but I do believe Jason Mitchell (who played Easy
    E) should have been nominated. he was exceptional at the part.

  • MediaTechSmash 4 years ago

    Im going out and buying everything ICE CUBE this weekend, Been listening to
    him since NWA hated him when no vaseline came out and jump back on later
    but dude is solid 100% a G

  • Mr. Unknown 4 years ago

    17% of Oscar contenders are black

    17% of the States population is black

    8% of the population is latino.

    1% of Oscar contenders are latinos.

    Americans have a very particular and comical way of looking at racism.

  • dat209papi 4 years ago

    I just gave my local cop the best BJ ever

  • Jacko Fett 4 years ago

    ┳┻| _
    ┻┳| •.•) -Daddy are the racists gone yet?
    (҂`_´) -No! The racists are getting stronger!
    <,︻╦╤─ ҉ - -------------------- /﹋

  • login 4 years ago


  • Amazingcreation 4 years ago

    My question is, is B.E.T BROADCASTED ON “NATIONAL” TV(one of the major
    channels), LIKE THE OSCARS?

  • Shaun Steele 4 years ago

    Why was Kevin hart there? Lol

  • Emily Mae Darby 4 years ago

    So much respect for this guy, if you produce something you’re really proud
    of that changes other people’s perception, an award is simply a bonus, not
    a necessity or anything that will make you feel any less proud of you don’t
    receive it.

  • MrAirZone25 4 years ago

    I saw a picture that said “black people boycotting the Oscars because it’s
    racist, But the BET awards aren’t racist?

  • Issac Hopson 4 years ago

    The best actor in the Hateful Eight was Samuel L. Jackson yet Jennifer
    Jason Leigh – the worst actor in the film – is nominated over him? Michael
    B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, & Idris Elba’s performances in their respective
    films surpassed Tom Hardy’s, Leonardo Dicaprio’s, Mark Rylance’s, Christian
    Bale’s, and Rooney Mara’s performances. Yes, the Academy is racist.

  • Kareem Said 4 years ago

    If there’s more important things to worry about than racism in Hollywood
    then there’s more important things to worry about than people worrying
    about racism in Hollywood. So to all you self-important people out there,
    quit worrying. Don’t type a comment. Don’t give a piece of your mind. Just
    go. Go and adopt a starving child from some third world country. Go to the
    nearest biggest city and start feeding the homeless. What’s stopping you?

  • Anti Ruckus 4 years ago

    Ice Cube is so full of it. You make movies for the fans??? More like you
    makes movies for a paycheck because your rap career is stalled.

  • Jacob Beall 4 years ago

    ummmm… was that House?

  • A.J. Stamper 4 years ago

    If black people really wanna be “accepted”, maybe they should stop seeing
    things in black and white. We’re all people, no matter what color. And
    movies shouldn’t be and aren’t judged by black or white, they’re judged by
    the quality of the film and the worth of the actor’s performance. That
    doesn’t mean your movie sucked… It just wasn’t good enough to make the
    cut. The Oscars are the most important award you can get and it’s the
    symbol of true excellence. There are only so many spots you can fill in
    that category and when it came down to it, the best qualified. Yeah. Its
    all white… but a lot of white people didn’t get a spot too, and you don’t
    see them “boycotting”. It’s all just sour grapes. And to the white celebs
    siding on the boycott… just stop. You’re not gonna make yourself look
    better by doing it and really it’s just covering up the fact that you’re a
    little racist and you wanna feel good about yourself!

  • OhhWrek 4 years ago

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    Like this comment for infinite luck!

  • Albert Hernandez 4 years ago

    is that the dude from house

  • Obito Uchiha 4 years ago

    spoken like a true slave

  • ane wlker 4 years ago

    Finally some sanity on this silly controversy!
    All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty
    recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but
    the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams
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  • blaknificent09 4 years ago

    Spoken like a true corporate slave. Too bad we couldn’t get a comment from
    Ice Cube from his N.W.A. days.

  • ImmaGhost 4 years ago

    For being a thug he seems like a really nice dude lol

  • Jon Atticus Sergeyavich 4 years ago

    looks like Ice Cubes gone coon on the Graham Norton show coonen on about
    the Oscars like the coon he is, only a coon would disagree with Jada Smith

    -butthurt black person who can’t stand other black people having different

  • Alain Bruno 4 years ago

    Ice Cube is awesome!

  • DrizzyDre787 4 years ago

    Did anyone notice, how the white guy got the applause for giving props to
    ice cube. but ice cube didn’t get any applause for speaking the truth lmao
    this world we live in man.

  • Abby Normal 4 years ago

    Is that Sophie standing between them?

  • IFechi the light 4 years ago

    isnt this the reason we got BET channel?

  • NickDevonVlogs 4 years ago

    Ice Cube just hit the nail on the head.
    The whole “Boycott Oscars” thing is ridiculous. There are bigger problems
    in the world and you wanna boycott an awards show that literally means
    nothing? The Oscars are an entertainment show, that’s it.
    Also, they’re not racist, they’re just really, really, stupid.

  • fortyninepages 4 years ago

    Ice Cube is such a nice guy for ‘knowing his place’ in the White dominated
    status quo and not complaining about it. And hence all the nice comments
    about him. He wouldn’t be so popular if he joined in the chorus of
    discontent, would he? Cause then he’d be all “uppity”. Well don’t be fooled
    by the words. It’s just that he’s smart enough to know he’s here promoting
    a movie and one wrong word could well mean the next role goes to someone

  • Nat Turner 4 years ago

    Ice Cube’s view of the film industry is narrow because he’s a musician who
    utilizes film as a secondary gig for money. Real black actors & filmmakers
    have it way harder than he does. Us not winning Oscars is indicative of a
    larger problem. Which is racial politics within the film industry. It’s
    about more than an award. The white supremacists & their lapdogs in comment
    section are patting you on the back solely because they take it as an okay
    to marginalize black people.

  • Zaay M 4 years ago

    Someone please explain to me what this is about?

  • Brocolisss 4 years ago

    Funny how the claps only came when the white actor speaked

  • Justin Vader 4 years ago

    I’ve never seen Hart look so uncomfortable and quiet.

  • David Galaxie 4 years ago

    The president of the Academy is black and black people think there’s some
    kind of conspiracy against them? If she (the president) really thought that
    or cared don’t you think she would have brought it up BEFORE the whole
    #OscarsSoWhite thing started? But no. The only reason she is pretending to
    be “upset” and “frustrated” is because is she, as a black person, sided
    against the blacks, her career would be over. They would shame her to

  • Steven Cleary 4 years ago

    this movie is nothing to be proud of many people were killed many white
    youths were killed and robbed as well ads black youiths for this movie to
    even mak ED it to the theaters ,just goes to show how morally bankrupt the
    people of proud COMPTON are .Why not encourage the youth to join the
    military get a education,STRAIT out of COMPTON I hope has paid back all the
    welfare the folks collected while on it,ya all know who I mean so please
    don’t glorify how great it was killin and robbing an drive bys,oh because a
    few ED educated folks are smart enough not to glorify this awful tim ED in
    our history caused by who,who started drive bys,who cost the taxpayers
    billion in police time,black history month what a fine example you have so
    educational you,ve made your race look,and anyon ED who gives awards for th
    his movie should have there heads examined,this is nothing to be proud of
    and to the former grass and crack,and herion pushers I don’t wish onany but
    your encouraging kids as ND your own sons an daughters to use guns and
    violence against there people to resolve there problems. Shame.Shame on a
    ll and you Hollywood.American vet 10 yrs army

  • DARKMANIV 4 years ago

    Why should black actors care about institutionalized Hollywood racial bias?
    Mr. Cube, you’re a ignorant intellectual light weight. Mr. Norton why are
    you asking Ice Cube about the Oscars? He will never be nominated because he
    is not a good actor. Ice go cash your big pay checks and shut the hell up.

  • DaRunningMan 4 years ago

    It is absolutely disgusting to see not only Ice Cube make this heavily
    ignorant remark but all of the people that approved of this. It shows that
    white supremacy is still alive and well not just within white culture but
    also among nonwhites who are confused and do not understand white
    supremacy. Hollywood is proven to be a white supremacist industry with its
    racist casting practices where they whitewash nonwhite lead roles (e.g.
    Argo, The Last Airbender, Exodus, etc…) and the fact that it refuses to
    invest in nonwhite stories unless they are told through the eyes of whites
    or have a white savior angle. Anyone who denies this either does not
    understand the facts or they are a suspected white supremacist.

    Another fact is that Ice Cube is not talking about all people of color
    here. He is only talking about himself. He is being selfish. Ice Cube is
    not a serious actor. He is a rapper first and foremost and acting for him
    is just like a side gig so he really only cares about whether or not he is
    making money off of it. Since his last two recent projects have made a lot
    of money then he is happy. He does not care about all of the nonwhites that
    are struggling and are victims of white supremacy.


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