Ian McShane Remembers His Friend John Hurt

Published on March 14, 2019

‘American Gods’ star Ian McShane remembers his former roommate, cast mate, and drinking buddy, the late John Hurt.

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  • eVoTUBE 8 months ago

    His speech seems a little off. That’s getting old for you I guess. Still an amazing man. Can’t wait to see the Deadwood movie.

  • Randeep Singh 8 months ago

    The man sounds like Michael Caine but comprehensible

  • Firey Picnic 8 months ago

    When will Colbert learn to shut up? He is really bad at interviews?

  • True Black Knight 8 months ago

    不不不不不不不不仁仁仁仁唐唐唐唐樹樹樹鄱 had no idea if you threw a cigarette out of a car while driving it could flick back and land inside your shirt

  • Mike Nunyabizness 8 months ago

    I can’t wait for the deadwood movie. That series had some of my favorite actors of all time.

  • wilf81 8 months ago

    He will always be Lovejoy regardless how many roles he does. Brilliant series.

  • valar 8 months ago

    He is perfectly cast as Odin.

  • HorseMuse 8 months ago

    He who must not be re-elected! 綾賅踢賅

  • Jen Burton 8 months ago

    John Hurt is/was my uncle. Wonderful man who cared about family deeply and went out of his way (and pocket) to make sure I had the best medical care at a time when I needed it. I lived with him in his London flat through that time and he would send me out to explore London and do the tourist thing at the weekends because even though I didnt have anyone able to go with me he still disliked seeing a 20 something moping around a flat for the weekend.
    In that photo John and my brother could be twins, it was often only semi seriously suggested that if a film called for a young John my brother would be perfect. I also have the same eyes as him, they couldnt see my eyes is hysterical especially since we call our eyes little piggy Hurt eyes with no eyelid.
    I miss him very much, he was such a dry comic and passionate actor, he hated all the behind the scenes bonus extras on DVD as in his words spoils the magic!

  • Siri Erieott 8 months ago

    Oh dearly me…
    Ian McShame I dont agree…
    One elite rich millionaire criticising another rich millionaire shows hes so in touch with the UK common man.
    How much is a sliced load and a 4L semi skimmed milk Ian? Mister so all knowing anti-Brexit god.

  • joboyogi 8 months ago

    They were great in 44″ Chest and Sexy Beast, everyone should see those.

  • TheTalkWatcher 8 months ago

    He was the best in SEXY BEAST as Teddy Bass. I love Ian’s work.

  • Trent Bolte 8 months ago

    I’m old. I remember Ian in a great BBC series Lovejoy. He was awesome and still is. Happy he is still smashing it!

  • Vee Macks 8 months ago

    He looks almost the same as he did in Lovejoy 30 years ago.

  • Rick_The_*ick 8 months ago

    What a fak, he is English . ill be dam

  • Nick Milligan 8 months ago

    She who must not be re-elected Haha had me in stitches

  • Sean R 8 months ago

    new teeth?

  • YD Schools 8 months ago

    He was very handsome back then

  • SoBanked- 8 months ago

    Ian is 76…….76.

  • Phil Chao 8 months ago

    he looks like a skeleton from the pirates of the Caribbean ride


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