“I Think It Is Going To Be So Emotional” – Christine Baranski On Broadway’s Return

Published on June 24, 2021

Christine Baranski returns to The Late Show to talk about working with Stephen Sondheim and how emotional it will be when Broadway shows return this September. You can see Christine Baranski in season 5 of “The Good Fight” on Paramount+. #Colbert #TheGoodFight #ChristineBaranski

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  • Chuck D 2 years ago

    What great stories! I still have the Playbill from the original 1984 production of The Real Thing with Jeremy Irons, Glenn Close, Cynthia Nixon, Kate Burton, Peter Gallagher, and a then-unknown Christine Baranski, directed by Mike Nichols at the Plymouth Theater. I was so blown away I looked her up in the phone book — and there she was! Remember phone books?

  • Squizzy Bollocks 2 years ago

    Christian Louboutin heels???

  • THOMAS MILLER 2 years ago

    Mature women that take care of themselves are divine!

  • wirehyperspace 2 years ago

    really Stephen don’t you want a hologram satellite to block and dim the sun to put a end to the droughts and wild fires and so can grow food on deserts and could even use it out in space to make a sun so can grow on desert planets – what happen to stop global warming – is that just something that comes out of Trumps ass after Jared gets his kosher meal deal and feeds him all the shit- maybe its just a super hero jump out the cars way and let shitter get hit

  • WhatTheDeuce47 D 2 years ago

    Don’t know nor do I care who Peter sontheim is….don’t know this actress’s name is either…meh

  • AMT 2 years ago

    Adore HER !!!

  • peachesandpoets 2 years ago

    Patti LuPone! Corden callback! 😝

  • Tatiana Poltavets 2 years ago

    I just LOVE the band!!!! 👍

  • Phrayd edjez 2 years ago

    somebody get this man some sunglasses!!!

  • Sayan SenGupta 2 years ago

    Whenever I see her now I’m instantly reminded of her dance number in Mama Mia!
    The first one of course.

  • plad plad 2 years ago

    Love her!

  • Michael Rowe 2 years ago

    what a botched face lift

  • Like Bot 2 years ago

    Officer, there she is! Arrest her, that’s the womon who stole my heart.

  • Xiph1980 2 years ago

    She’s one of those people who simply owns the entire room she’s in. Wonderful actress, and wonderful personality!

  • Klara Stern 2 years ago

    “I have to urinate”

  • Kermit 2110 2 years ago

    I know her youth is surgically retained (who wouldn’t if u had the cash and it was done right) but what surgery! Nearly 70 and she looks amazing without looking like a rubber fish.

  • Margaret Nicol 2 years ago

    Like normal people haven’t been in the same situation!!!

  • Zach 2 years ago

    I love the movie, The Ref. She never fails to entertain.


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