“I Nearly Burst Into Tears” – John Oliver On Voting For The First Time As An American Citizen

Published on November 3, 2020

This is the first American election John Oliver can vote in since he became an American citizen and he said he nearly burst out crying after he cast his ballot. #Colbert #LastWeekTonight #JohnOliver

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  • MistressDistress 3 years ago

    I’m Australia we go to one of a couple of schools in our district and it might take 15 min to half an hour during peak time, to vote. And WE ALL VOTE.

  • Peter Hausmann 3 years ago

    US election is a laughing stock! Most of the world is better at it. It looks like election day in Venezuela.

  • Gary Williams 3 years ago

    In Australia it has never taken me more than 10 minutes to vote. I am 48.

  • marlys mcgregor 3 years ago


  • Roland Scull 3 years ago

    This video brings up questions. Who cut John Olivers hair? Is John Oliver planning to sue?

  • Mr Chainanimal 3 years ago

    I can understand, that John Oliver says, the election is a big thing in the UK, as the Brexiteers over there are hoping for Trump to win, so they can get their FTA with the US. But since the importance of the US decreased significantly on the global stage and it is now far from being “the leader of the free world”, the rest of Europe doesn’t really bother. We see this event is more as entertainment and commedy, which is why there is still a bit of coverage in the media.

  • JP Fragoso 3 years ago

    John, don’t you dare to EVER lose that accent.

  • Rainhard Ravenclaw 3 years ago

    Austria here still being very confused why your votes don’t all count the same because here it’s a constitutional right

  • Panbaneesha 3 years ago

    I’m German, and I had to go to the cardiologist twice in the last two weeks because the US election gave me psychosomatic heart problems. I care what happens to the US, and so do most Germans. Good luck friends! PS: Germany has so many voting places (schools, pubs etc.) that wherever I lived in Germany I never walked more than 15 minutes to my assigned place. Never stood in line for more than five minutes. Sorry it’s so hard for you, Americans, and thank you for voting anyway!

  • Sooth Moth 3 years ago

    4 adds in less than 2 minutes…

  • Ruby Spider 3 years ago

    I love these two, I smiled the whole time and my face hurts now, thanks guys!

  • Keeley Wheelz 3 years ago

    Got my Captain Morgan at the ready, hoping our little brother can get itself out of this mess. Much love from an exhausted Brit! Vote!

  • Geoffrey Waldo 3 years ago

    The most Up beat guys I know!

  • Jasha Schlosser 3 years ago

    In Belgium, it is mandatory to vote and yet, never waited more than 10 minutes… Results 99% in by midnight.

  • Zaid Shaikh 3 years ago

    This comment section is more diverse than the UN.

  • till wesenberg 3 years ago

    No lines in Germany either. Very emotionally involved, we’re praying for the madness to end. Vote the idiot out and get well soon.


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