“I Love Him To Bits” – Colin Farrell On His Friend And Co-Star, Brendan Gleeson

Published on October 11, 2022

Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson play close friends whose relationship is unraveling in their new film, but in real life they can’t imagine being at odds with each other. Stick around for another segment with Colin and Brendan, and check out the film, “The Banshees of Inisherin,” in theaters next Friday. #Colbert #BrendanGleeson #ColinFarrell #TheBansheesofInisherin

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  • Brittany 2 years ago

    Legend has is Irish people are supposed to be a lot of fun

  • sevenprovinces 2 years ago

    Both fantastic actors who are always a joy to watch. Always been a particular fan of Brendan Gleeson though, for another great Irish movies ‘the Guard’ and ‘Calvary’, wonderfully black yet heart-warming comedies/crime movies.

  • william hornabrook 2 years ago

    In Bruges is one of my favourite movies. I’m excited to see Colin and Brendan acting together again.

  • Moth Girl 2 years ago

    This movie sounds amazing.

  • Gergely Szabo 2 years ago

    What is Colin doing at 3:31 ? Fartin with his mouth?

  • Laura Westenra 2 years ago

    Double cute shy boys!

  • Prasanna J 2 years ago

    The Irish always had a way with words. The way they structure their sentences. They don’t use hard words, but just simple, everyday words but end up saying something something profound. I noticed it in every interview I saw of Colin Farrell and I notice it with Brendon Gleeson here.

  • Adhanet kidane 2 years ago

    That band sounds so good every time you come back from break

  • teresa tall 2 years ago

    Fokkin talent here. Fok.

  • Mike 91MDK 2 years ago

    I can smell the Guinness in this interview

  • Davinci's Ghost 2 years ago

    Dang! You boys can sell the shit out of a film!

  • E Smith 2 years ago

    Something special about the Irish

  • K Lindberg 2 years ago

    Hamish <3

  • Mynsinger 2 years ago

    Two Kings of Irish film. BTW check out Farrell in “The North Water”

  • Joey Ho 2 years ago

    I hope Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson make more movies together.


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