I Liked an Instagram Post with HAIM



  • Carol Wright 3 years ago

    ahaha so good

  • TheWeirdGang 3 years ago

    “I ate a scone?” I thought Jimmy was American…..

  • Rainy Zion 3 years ago

    Jimmy is really singing and loving this I Liked Instagram Post” in the realest way 😅

  • vaishnav radhakrishnan 3 years ago

    Maybe you should move to Costa Rica instead of France.

  • Jennifer Jill 3 years ago


  • fla la 3 years ago

    I *LOVE* this SO Much! 🙌
    I Love that its in + around this iconic New York building also! 🗽🚖🥨

  • Space Heroines 3 years ago

    What is this and why is it on my feed 😂😂

  • Freeda36 3 years ago

    “I’m gonna kill everyone who knows what I did” … That went dark

  • Luzheladia Ramírez 3 years ago

    Love it

  • Chandan Chandu 3 years ago

    O my best video ever

  • Maria 3 years ago

    0:52 me when haim go on tour

  • Hidden Kitten 3 years ago

    oh wow, you’re so special, Jimmy 😀 , you are loved. 😊Hi, I’m Brittney Hill 😀 . I really enjoy your uploads! I’m looking to live in Los Angeles county, where Hollywood is! I am currently living in Orange County, and looking for a place to live in Los Angeles County. Yay, me! My whole life, I’ve always done everything by myself, literally, so that’s why I’m super proud that I figured out my, Destiny (All by myself). My Destiny is to get married to a few guys, all at once, and be the perfect happy family. Those guys are, Tom Ellis (he is a London actor on a hit-show in America called, Lucifer), Hugh Bonneville and Jim Carter (they are 2 really handsome gentlemen on the show, Downton Abbey), Louis Garrel (he is super famous London actor on the movie, Dreamers), and then I am also to marry, Henry Cavill and Johnathan Rhys Meyers (they are super hot guys on the huge show, The Tudors). I will become their Wife, and Mother to our children (it’ll be my first time being a Mom). So far, we have 3 daughters. I am also going to, finally, become a, famous, American, Actress on the big screen. The second thing in my Destiny is to be a real, live, Queen, for the United Kingdom. I was born to do all of these things :D, so it is in my blood. I’m Middle class, and I AM, social climbing, so I will, marry the first rich man I come in to contact with, of course. HAHA! Either way my story plays out, I WILL END UP MARRIED TO THESE MEN, POST HASTE! That is a promise. I’m 31 years old, and I’m not just any Millennial, I’m, THAT, Millennial! You can join me wherever you see me in person 😀 ! See you on the big screen 😀 ! Family. Love. Love. Love <3 .

    Brittney Hill, Monday, March the 9th, 2020, Becoming, a Famous, Screen Actress, and Royal.

  • John Fleming 3 years ago

    Its supposed to be a parody but its actually pretty good

  • Paola Yaris 3 years ago


  • Siva sbs 3 years ago


  • lnapjr76 3 years ago

    I missed something at some point. Who are these people and what does this parody?

  • Kendra Voracek 3 years ago


  • Optimus Crime 3 years ago

    Jimmy is so talented

  • Trevor O'Konek 3 years ago

    Hell yeah!!! Duluth is awesome!!!!

  • Zachary Sommers 3 years ago

    Why is this actually a good song?? 😂


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