“I Don’t Think We Can Rule It Out” – Dr. Collins On The Wuhan Lab Theory

Published on May 25, 2021

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, examines the possibility that Covid-19 escaped a lab in Wuhan, China. #Colbert #NIH #DrFrancisCollins

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  • laalaa99stl 3 years ago

    And you won’t. Not unless you find a “smoking gun” bat with a 100% sequence match to the original strain (which could be planted evidence at this point) OR until an incredibly brave whistleblower from Wuhan steps forward (assuming potential whistleblowers are still alive to blow the whistle).

  • New Message 3 years ago

    Wow. I actually recognized Jane in that pic before he said who it was… I’m oddly proud of myself.

  • Noplay 3 years ago

    Now they can’t cover it up.

  • yew 2oob 3 years ago

    How many lives could have been saved if the first mask presented to Trump was made from the crotch of his daughter Ivanka’s panties?

  • Jennifer Evans 3 years ago

    if the country would finally get to be more like North Korea and force everyone to conform and comply . we’d all be better off . hopefully soon

  • ngirabedechal 3 years ago

    That photo will later be used as evidence that they were secretly working on a gorilla virus to Send back to china

  • Andrew Menino-Barlow 3 years ago

    The sick researchers were tested back in Feb and found to have NO Covid-19 antibodies.

  • Michelle Poppler 3 years ago

    What Dr. Collins needs is to get a pair of snazzy mittens.

  • Christian Luczejko 3 years ago

    I could understand my not wanting my neighbors coming around and asking personal questions about my toilets. But if my plumbing was backing up and flooding the entire streets yards I’d feel obliged to cooperate with their investigation.

  • Zizi Roberts 3 years ago

    ‘I don’t THINK we can rule it out.’
    This is what we call an OPINION, students.
    This kind of blah blah, hah hah, is causing racist idiots to commit violent acts against innocent Asian Americans. Like the doctor said, the facts aren’t nearly all in yet. And, again, in his opinion, it’s not very likely Covid-19 was created in a lab.

  • Rey EF Regidor 3 years ago

    Pls have his band as guests and jam with you all. That would be awesome!

  • Vahid Farsi 3 years ago

    No, there are many thing you can’t rule out, but focusing on this shit while we are fighting a pandemic is a distruction.

  • Rick Boost 3 years ago

    Remember when all the media rabidly went after anyone who even suggested the lab leak theory? The jury’s still out on how the first COVID-19 cases in the world started in Wuhan but it’s kind of bullshit how now the lab theory is suddenly okay to suggest when previously mentioning it made you a monster.

  • Oh No Get Out! 3 years ago

    Ya know what would be hot? Tieing the funding to Faucii and Gates for once and for all. But then… you would have to admit that ALL the facts were twisted for profit and to usher in agenda 21…. I bet Stephen cant wait to own nothing, and be happy too!
    All hail Klaus Schwab, right stephen?

  • Thunderwalker87 Help Me To Gensoyko - 幻想郷に行くのを手伝って 3 years ago

    From what I understand there are no obvious signs that covid19 was lab made or enhanced, or that covid19 was deliberately unleashed.

    When you have had an ENTIRE major political party (the Trump-Republicans) obsessed with the conspiracy theory that it did come out of a lab or was deliberately unleashed… it is very reckless to say “I don’t think we can rule it out” based on virtually nothing. I get that maybe he wasn’t being very cautious or very careful with his word choice in light of this conspiracy theory and the anti-asian sentiment it has worsened… BUT SHAME on the Late Show YouTube people for putting that as the tag line.

  • ursaltydog 3 years ago

    “It was such a strange… virus… ” uh huh…. “they are related… don’t look like the obvious ancestor.. we haven’t found the missing link..”…. uh huh…

  • He is Risen 3 years ago

    Judge not, yeast you be judged. – The Lard Cheesus Crust

  • Hassan Chávez 3 years ago

    It’s so funny how they completely changed the subject. But at least they’re talking about the lab leak *hypothesis* on mainstream shows now.

  • Myolie Uwu 3 years ago

    enjoy this show

  • Not Negative Nick 3 years ago

    Oh look another right wing conspiracy theorist

  • Karajorma 3 years ago

    The irony of the “This definitely came from a lab in China” theory is that since China has come out of this crisis stronger than before, if the conspiracy theorists are correct, China has only a few reasons not to do it again. Cause they can count on the same conspiracy theorists to make it far worse in America than it ever will be in their own country. I guess that’s the problem with having conspiracy theorists in the government.

  • Ponda Baba 3 years ago

    but Stephen why are you hosting ideas about these Conspiracy Theories on your show??
    Not blindly dismissing them and RIDICULING anyone who even BRINGS THIS UP any longer??
    Where are the jokes now you Hollywood shill?

  • Snow Pharoah 3 years ago

    Framed picture, upper right hand corner… Stephen Colbert with Francis Collins? Maybe they are friends and what we have is a very sympathetic conflict of interest situation… 🙂

  • Eric Minch 3 years ago

    Why bother talking about any hypothesis unless you can explain how it is testable? Can this conspiracy theory be proved or disproved? If so, tell us how. If not, just shut up.

  • KP Kev the Poet 3 years ago

    Funny how established science told us it was DEFINITELY a naturally occurring virus, and now they’re not sure if it ACCIDENTALLY escaped a lab… Funny…

  • Username 3 years ago

    Great human Dr. Collins, I love him.

  • Jiri Andel 3 years ago

    Chinese government puts a million of innocent people in concentration camps where they are routinely subject to torture and rape. So if China is responsible for global pandemic they will never admit it. Those idiotic scientist who let the virus out are probably long “disappeared” by the government. That’s what totalitarian government do. They lie and kill just to keep their hold of power.

  • 2thomas k 3 years ago

    Remember a year ago yall were saying that its a crazy conspiracy and even mentioning it is racist

  • Des Tiny 3 years ago

    Ok steven, so when fox was saying this you bashed them, mocked them, and ragged on them nonstop… Now your giving full fledged credence to the idea and giving this guy on air time to talk about it. Can you stop being the fucking hypocrites that fox has turned into? I normally enjoy your show but at this point you’re just feeding into the division and B.S.

  • Rolyat Neek 3 years ago

    I look forward to the days in this country when we admire Faucis more than we admire Jenners/Kardashians and other degenerate “celebs”….

  • John Rivera 3 years ago

    Great guy.

  • potrebitel3 3 years ago

    God doesn’t design in the labs. People do. Unless he implies I am a God in my lab.

  • axel mannni 3 years ago

    Wait what happened to it being a conspiracy theory

  • derekalineal 3 years ago

    The corona strains have been researched for decades. There is nothing “novel” about COVID19. There are patent requests dating all the way back to 1999 by our own CDC for man-made mutations of corona viruses. If you want a taste for Dr. Faucci, just watch him get grilled in the senate public health hearings where he fails to answer any questions with any competence.

  • Arctic Haze 3 years ago

    He led the Human Genome Project? Wow! This means he is actually in the run for the Nobel Prize.

  • silentjay01 3 years ago

    I’m sure he doesn’t mind being so lesser known to the point of not having to have body guards because of death threats from idiots.

  • Taylor No 3 years ago

    Colbert is such a tool. He became the freaky liberal version of the Colbert Report.

  • dunbar9finger 3 years ago

    The evidence showed the virus was naturally mutated not deliberately engineered. But people described that as “not from a lab” which is a bad shift of meaning. Natural selection doesn’t stop happening just because you’re standing in a lab building at the time. Viruses don’t stop mutating just because you’re indoors. “Natural accident” does not rule out “in a building at the time” because nature does not care about the difference between indoors and outdoors.

  • Vada 3 years ago

    he led the human genome project?? holy fuck

  • ScytheNoire 3 years ago

    The lab in Wuhan had multiple violations for failure to comply with safety regulations, and it required France intervening to keep the lab operating.

  • Charles Gallagher 3 years ago

    Remember when we had a Covid Response Team in Wuhan? Remember when the Orange Moron dismantled it? Why is it never mentioned?

  • W Washington 3 years ago

    Maybe, maybe, but BS.
    Why were scientist going deep into caves in southern China to get bats. Spells man made virus.

  • अर्जुन शर्मा 3 years ago

    Why investigate so soon just wait a decade or two?

  • King Masterlord 3 years ago

    I thought this was accepted fact?

  • insaneapples 3 years ago

    I don’t get this obsession with the origin. China won’t allow a proper investigation and probably already buried whatever evidence of it’s origin existed.

  • Alison Diaz 3 years ago

    We really lucked out with both Dr. Collins and Dr. Fauci leading the team that is handling the pandemic crisis. I remember watching Dr. Fauci at the few “news” conferences on TV in which he “face palmed” his face and how unhappy he looked being forced to stand behind a complete moron and his henchmen. You can certainly see the difference between then and now when both drs are on TV. Much happier guys!!!

  • Wendy Desparois 3 years ago

    I’m liking the video because of Colbert, not the idiot being interviewed. Just to clarify.

  • RTC1655 3 years ago

    China nuked us all

  • Biden Sucks 3 years ago

    None of this supposed new information is new. Not the sick lab workers, not the
    cell shut down, not the lab silence. All of it was known a year ago, and
    reported by conservative news outlets. It was labeled wild conspiracy
    theories. There was never an “actual” investigation by the who because
    they did not need to. They already knew the source. Instead of
    investigating, the who ran interference and diversions for the Chinese.
    Telling the world there was no evidence of human to human transfer when
    at the time they knew there was massive evidence of human to human
    transfer. Their statement was AFTER China stopped all domestic flights
    out of Wuhan, but allowed international flights to continue, in an
    effort to seed the virus world wide. Based an the evidence, none of this
    is even debatable. The big question is, what is the world going to do
    about it. Cower, or stand up?

  • Joey Harper 3 years ago

    I’m old enough to remember this being another “Conspiracy theory” by the left.

  • Jeigh Neither 3 years ago

    Most people don’t really get it; The Human Genome Project was the largest scientific study ever done, & the most globally cooperative action ever taken, w/over 40 nations participating. It also changed the world as we know it, helping us cure disease, & tho rarely talked about; it proved without doubt, that all of humanity emerged from NE Africa, & from one of two male/female ancestors. We are ONE PEOPLE.

  • Blue Bishop 3 years ago

    Collins loses my respect as a scientist when he claims to be an evangelical Christain, what a joke

  • Krawurxus 3 years ago

    There’s a China-critical Vlogger, laowhy86 who made a video over a year ago where he went through what was happening on the Chinese Netosphere. Despite best efforts at censorship by the Chinese government it remained glaringly obvious that this pandemic obviously came from that Wuhan lab.

    The video was called “I found the source of Coronavirus” for anyone who wants to check it out.
    It’s a joke that large news media are only now starting to report on this.
    I don’t expect people to just believe random vlogs but this was well souced and would’ve been so easy to verify for any news outlet with a Chinese speaker on staff.
    This was a ready-to-go scoop just waiting for someone to pick it up.

  • 333 Lucerodelalba 3 years ago


  • Valerie Moran 3 years ago

    I love how Colbert finds and has on his show, smart, intelligent and kind guests.

  • Carver Shields 3 years ago

    what do we call it when we decry racist conspiracy theories when they come from political opponents, but then bring them back with absolutely no new evidence when our preferred political party comes back into power? I’m not entirely sure, but i know we won’t call it really is, cynical neoliberal jingoism.

  • Robin Hahn 3 years ago

    “Hunky science doctors” are a thing I didn’t know I needed more of until right this instant. xD

  • Francis James 3 years ago

    I think if man were going to make a deliberate virus it would be a lot stronger than this one.


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