Hypocrisy Reigns as Republican Lawmakers Lash Out Over Their “Right to Choose”



  • H H 2 years ago

    Can we get a shout out to Guillermo’s agent, for writing such an ironclad contract, such that Guillermo can show up to work drunk, confess to drinking Tequila as the reason for his poor performance, yet remain on the job, and collect a hefty paycheck.

  • Jose DeLira 2 years ago

    Fun fact: George Washington mandated smallpox vaccines for the Continental Army.

  • Pamela Timmins 2 years ago

    Jimmy and Guillermo you two are so funny. One star reviews s*ck, lol.

  • H G 2 years ago

    Yes, people should have right to choose whether they get the vaccine or not.

  • Hope and Peace 2 years ago


  • Ian Ham 2 years ago

    Jimmy didn’t know he is a head banger!!! Man one of Hatfields buddies growing up in SF is my families construction crew we use for da old joint in SF. Been in it for 70 hrs.

  • Colleen Cook 2 years ago

    I wanna do shots with Guillermo!

  • Lanwarder 2 years ago

    The “Joe Biden is old” jokes are kinda lame and not funny. I mean, good for him that he isn’t acting like such an idiot on a daily basis that they don’t really have a lot of jokes to make about him, but that’s not my point. Why is it lame to mock people for who they are when it comes to gender, sexual orientation, handicaps, deformities, origins, but for some reason saying “Hahaha this man is old!!!!” is supposed to be a punchline? I mean, if you mock how he forgot to wear pants because one day he does start to suffer from serious dementia and does something like this, well it’ll be sad, but something will have happened that will be worth paying attention to, and doing so via humour is an okay way to do so if you ask me……But just saying “This man is 78 and must probably put his teeth in a glass of water at night” isn’t even funny…..Maybe I’m just missing something. It’s not that I’m offended, or that I’m saying that this is unacceptable……I just don’t see why saying that someone is old constitutes a joke…..Maybe I’m missing something….Maybe something happened with his teeth recently or something like that…..or maybe I just don’t have the same kind of sense of humour.

  • Jake Richard 2 years ago

    Just go to comedy central and do political commentary already Jimmy. You’re show has become humorless and is no longer an escape from daily reality. It’s basically the same as any CNN or Fox political commentary show that’s on everyday. God, I wish Conan was still on, this is just a joke at this point.

  • glentorn53 2 years ago

    Freedom to spread a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease is a “human blight” not a human right !

  • Cheryl Pounds 2 years ago

    Correct me if I’m wrong but this new mandate for government workers, this includes all Republicans too, yeah? Greene and Bobert, oh I’m about to piss myself laughing…I think they all already got it, but lie…hypocrisy. But now we get to know for sure they did and how horrible they lied to their supporters endlessly. Perhaps it’s not too late for some of their donors to file a claim for their money back? Maybe.

  • Jacob Perrigo 2 years ago

    jesus they got old

  • Mikhail Botnovik 2 years ago

    America is a great country. But the left just wanna dominate everything. If you live in Texas and wanna smoke weed, why don’t you take a weed holiday in one of the states that legalise it? If you wanna get an aborti0n, go ahead and go to another state that legalise it. If you wanna be in a place with less homelessness, go to a red state. I’m perfectly fine with America being divided because individuals get to pick which states they love and which laws to follow. Other countries have completely focused laws. In my country, you wanna smoke weed, go to jail. You wanna get an abortion, its illegal. Be proud of your country, red and blues.

  • T Ockie 2 years ago

    Haha Metallica reading 1 star reviews.. they have such good spirit about it


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