Hungry For Power Games: Tribute Bernie Sanders Has Finally… Wait

Published on June 9, 2016

A rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of our Hungry For Power Games host captures the moment when he learns that Tribute Sanders is still in the race.

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  • Maddenfan9gamer 3 years ago


  • Jason D 3 years ago

    Ahhhhhhh His hungry for power games never get old

  • jalyn jones 3 years ago

    Damn, Stephen I can’t wait to see how many dislikes you have in a couple of
    days. ??

  • Robert1811 3 years ago

    Fuck you Colbert you Shilary cronie. #FeelTheBern. Fuck Clinton, Fuck
    Colbert. GO BERNIE!!!!

  • Siry Auto Group - 619 691 1000 3 years ago

    “I dont like bernie for [dumb reason]!!!! I am SO HAPPY he didn’t become

    “I can’t believe it’s world war 3!! how did this happen?!?!”

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 3 years ago


  • D Shade 3 years ago

    These comments from pissed off Bernie supporters are hilariously immature.
    I mean, wow. And this is coming from a guy who IS a Bernie supporter.

  • Nobody 3 years ago

    I kinda wanna dislike this but we all know Colbert likes Sanders than the
    others 🙂 Hes just doing his show

  • hanshotfirststudios 3 years ago

    I voted for Bernie Sanders, but come on, this is pretty funny.

  • Dick Butt 3 years ago


  • AksentNetharia 3 years ago

    I’m a Bernie fan and this is hilarious

  • LazarheaD 3 years ago

    It’s not over yet!

  • Aaron Daniel Donaldson 3 years ago

    What does that say to other countries that we’d be willing to elect a
    criminal for our president? Hillary and Trump…… We’ve sunk so low. We
    need someone to raise the bar. We need JAMES CAMERON.

  • Kevin Nguyen (kevinloks1937) 3 years ago

    Bernie supporters are really sensitive……

    I thought this was funny

  • jalyn jones 3 years ago

    I’m still heartbroken about the results on Tuesday. Too soon Stephen, it’s
    almost like you have been waiting for this to happen a very long time. ??

  • JoeDurobot 3 years ago


  • Adam Jamaludin 3 years ago

    So when trump is mocked hardly u don’t care but when sanders just got
    dissed just a little u guys r so pissed off

  • nbattle2 3 years ago

    Damn it Bernie I want my Hunger for Power Games. I dare you rob me of that

  • tony stark 3 years ago

    That sums up everybodys reaction.

  • Mental_N 3 years ago

    I am hilarious and i find this Bernie fan.

  • Chase D. 3 years ago

    I checked every single comment(54). And I don’t see that many people
    pissing over it. Unlike the amount of people who are laughing about others
    pissing over it.

  • Jared Dvorak 3 years ago

    Trump is going to be a great president, who is this Bernie guy.

  • Erik Rettig 3 years ago

    I’m a Bernie’s diehard supporter & this didn’t piss me off at all. The race
    is not over. Bernie has taught us that it’s not about electing a president,
    but rather bringing people together to stand up, have a voice & fight back.
    Bernie Sanders is the hope for America & this world. #ForeverSanders
    #YouCantKillAnIdea #BernieSanders

  • Astra Cat 3 years ago

    I don’t get why you guys are pissed off, isn’t the joke that the guy
    whispered in his ear that Bernie Sanders is not dropping out still?

  • David Craig 3 years ago

    2,383 needed for nomination – Hillary Clinton has 2,203 pledged delegates,
    Question: Have you given up already?

  • CAX 117 3 years ago

    I found it funny. That was the Establishment’s reaction too. Hillary
    supporters don’t realize that this is about a movement, not just Bernie.
    Bernie has won the future of the left by a 4-1 margin among millennials.
    Whereas Hillary is the last of the centre right Democrats to seriously
    contest the nomination. People will still be feeling the Bern decades from

  • Akmal Ibrahim 3 years ago

    When you don’t think too much about it, then yes this is funny.
    But when you delve into what has become, how it has led to this and what
    this entails for the future of USA, then it becomes sadder and sadder.

  • Vion Innamorata 3 years ago

    It’s not over until Bernie says it’s over. And even if he does drop out
    later on, there’s always the Green Party option. Good joke, by the way,


    Shame on you, California.




  • Hans Jørgen Furfjord 3 years ago

    Not watching this clip. If I do I’m gonna write something about whoever has
    assumed the shape and form of Stephen Colbert that’ll get me arrested every
    time I buy a plane ticket the rest of my life.

  • kwaksea 3 years ago

    Main problem is main stream media counts so called “Super Delegate” (quite
    draconious and douchebaggy crap so handful of Democrat elite screw over the
    people) which shouldn’t even count before Democrat Convention since so
    called “Super Delegates” change their choice anytime way feel likes.

  • Foolish Guac Merchant 3 years ago

    I’m 100% on the trump train…. But I have to side with Bernie supporters
    on this one. Fuck Shillary and the Democratic Party, who never gave Bernie
    a chance from the start. And now obamas meeting with Bernie trying to get
    him to drop out while Hillary is on stage talking badly about trump while
    she has a far worse track record and has been cought saying the same stuff
    that he has…. But the media are just gonna look the other way ?

  • schackmountain 3 years ago

    well he promised long ago to go all the way.

  • Lemur the Playmaker 3 years ago

    This was a great piece 😀

    But I can see why he’s not dropping out. It’s so close to the end that
    dropping out won’t save him much resources, so why not send a message?
    That’s how I believe they approach this situation.

  • charley15z 3 years ago

    Some Bernie supporters are actually becoming the “bernie bros” that the
    media basically invented. Please stop making the rest of us look bad.

  • Ishan 331 3 years ago

    i think the angry sanders supporters are why trump is taking advantage of
    the “political correctness” narrative. humorless jackoffs! he has mocked
    every single presidential candidate, why can’t he mock yours?

  • zrlap 3 years ago


  • Prince Gray 3 years ago

    Man I’m like the Bern, and I don’t get why some Bern supporters are
    throwing a hissy fit

  • zaxex21 3 years ago

    tfw sanders supporters are just as bad as trump supporters

  • Mr Hackett 3 years ago

    If you’re offended by this, please look up the word “satire”

  • Rytis K. 3 years ago


  • Tryphen 3 years ago

    Bernie’s ideas and message will never die unless Trump is elected.


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