Hungry For Power Games: Farewell Whoever You Were



  • Udoby Break 4 years ago

    16 view, wow…

  • DamoT 4 years ago

    Steven Colbert is the fastest changer in the world.

  • Wes Searles 4 years ago

    The only reason you don’t know him is because of our shitty, broken system.
    He was actually someone I’d be thrilled to vote for.

  • Mistanan 4 years ago

    it’s about time

  • Parbhdeep Singh 4 years ago

    Did he get someone to clean that up before his next bit?

  • andyhartley 4 years ago

    lol i was wondering how long this segment would be when Lessig said he will
    drop out.

  • EPIC MOMENTS 4 years ago

    Goodbyeeeeeee, mother trucker. Sadly, I would have preferred you to

  • Kdubb815 4 years ago

    That guy looks like a mix of Toby Jones from the hunger games and the dude
    who gets his face melted off in Indiana Jones.

  • A D 4 years ago

    lol, he said “you can’t be too hard on bush.”

  • GrandiaKnight 4 years ago

    People would voted for you if you were still being played by Christopher

  • Michael Destin 4 years ago

    my mom went to high school with Larry, as he was known.
    he signed her yearbook

  • bloggs24 4 years ago

    This is unfair, the media had purposely excluded Lessig from getting any
    media attention, he was denied access to participate in the democratic
    debates despite meeting the criteria, he raised over a million dollars in
    campaign funding, he was told if he could get at least 1% in the polls he
    would be included, when he got the 1% his name was taken out of the polls.
    I’m not saying he was presidential material, but he was unfairly treated as
    a presidential candidate.

  • Herb Doobington 4 years ago

    Colbert should have spoken about why the American people haven’t heard of
    him running, because the DNC literally refused to have him in the debates
    and CNN removed his name from the polls, despite him gaining enough votes
    to make it to the Democratic debates, simply because they didn’t want him
    talking about campaign finance reform.

  • Saint Val 4 years ago

    Yeah, because Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DNC chairperson/Hillary campaign
    chief) prevented Lessig from appearing in any debates because he would’ve
    only talked about money corrupting politics and exposed the two-faced
    reality of Hillary’s campaign. Also, coincidentally, DWS also thinks
    reducing the no. of debates from 20 in 2008, to 6 in 2016, was also
    important despite 4 out of 5 candidates actively criticising it.

  • Franz Brinsa 4 years ago

    i as a european or more specific as a german was very well informed about
    lessig and his campaign …. here he got real media attention maybe even
    more than other candidates because of his ambition to change the donation
    system in your politics, which is by the way the main reason your country
    is so shitty and people like trump, carson , clinton , cruz, get media
    attention u.s. citizens only seem to care about how loud things are said
    and not whats is actually said….
    please misinformed u.s. citizens i beg you vote for bernie he its the only
    real human being out there the others will only squeeze money out of your
    country and will fuck up the rest of the world so please please vote for
    bernie or the whole world will suffer

  • Ryan Sandoval 4 years ago

    My vote is sold to Bernie Sanders, but Lawrence Lessig was completely
    focused on getting rid of our system of legalized bribery. Such a shame
    that American politics is basically a battle of the billionaires. If you
    don’t vote for Bernie Sanders (who has been trying to ban legalized bribery
    for 30 years), you are a complete moron.

  • Wall OfNoise 4 years ago

    HE’s BACK!

  • Distracted Observer 4 years ago

    The same people that get a laugh out of spilled champagne find it funny
    that someone who actually ran with a plan (unlike hillary) dropped out of
    the race. #Murikuh

  • Alan Y 4 years ago

    This time the segment was actually condesending and bad

  • Greg Marusic 4 years ago

    Yesssssssss, more of my favorite segment. Glad we’re sticking with Caesar
    and not going full Effie.

  • LustigUSA 4 years ago

    Should put the picture into a shredder instead of just the garbage can.

  • Arjun Krishnamurthy 4 years ago

    DNC had an empty podium just in case Biden might show up. Lessig was so
    unpopular that, they did not provide him a podium even when he was in the

  • Žiga i 4 years ago

    Why no more war on bullshit, Stephen? What happened?

  • Martin Rayner 4 years ago

    Shows the limitations of the “late night” format where serious issues that
    Colbert used to tackle with joy like campaign finance (remember his actual
    superPAC and the great job he did explaining how ridiculously corrupt the
    system is?) can’t be discussed because the mainstream audience he’s
    appealing to is just too damn ignorant.

  • Hasnain Haider 4 years ago

    Whoever you were? I’m not even an american and i know that Lawrenece Lessig
    is one of the creators of Create Commons.. CC.. that you see every where
    ..its used on billions of things…He was treated unfairly by the media
    +plus he just wanted to reform 1 thing that may be the reason he want that
    popular..But calling him a nobody is unfair.

  • LoquaciousApe 4 years ago

    This is quickly becoming my favorite Colbert persona.

  • JW Evans 4 years ago

    jeez, and I thought the media hated Bernie

  • Carlos Callejo 4 years ago

    I can’t believe it, but I am going to dislike this video. I love Colbert
    but I think CBS is getting to him.

  • wackydelly84 4 years ago

    he was told he could be in the debate if he raised enough money and did
    well enough in the polls. then when it looked like he had raised enough
    money and was doing well enough in the polls, his name was not included in
    any more of the polls. the fact that he was never in the debate
    demonstrates that our supposed democracy is actually just extremely rich
    people deciding which two extremely rich people we get to choose from, and
    even then we are only voting for who this other group of people are
    encouraged to vote for. so we don’t really get to vote, and we don’t
    really get to choose who we don’t really get to vote for, and if a guy like
    larry deserves to be in the debate, then they change the rules at the last
    minute and pretend they never heard of him.

  • ChipSkylark 4 years ago

    So irrelevant he didn’t even deserve a proper salute LMFAO

  • Michael W 4 years ago

    When your single issue is being talked about by Bernie Sanders (with
    legitimacy) and Hillary (Hypocritically) then obviously you’re not going to
    get too far. It’s a hugely important issue, but it’s not like he was the
    only one talking about it.

  • Liza Tanzawa 4 years ago

    Fyi, I’ll never patronize a company with 30 second commercials and no skip

  • fangorn23 4 years ago

    I really hate how the media only wants to talk about Lessig dropping out of
    the race. God forbid they actually mention his damn name before now.
    The articles about his dropping out just seem like a crude victory lap from
    the media, especially after they refused to even mention him running

  • sumiya ahmed 4 years ago

    When colberts on budget haha ^^

  • rarrmonkey 4 years ago

    So with a $1billion spent on political advertisements in 2012 CBS, CNN, et
    al. must be completely impartial when it comes to a candidate who sole
    mission is to get money out of politics.
    When CNN was hosting a debate and set the entry requirements to participate
    as requiring 1% in the polls and then used a poll that didn’t have Lawrence
    Lessig as an option, obviously that’s not biased. They had a spare podium
    in case Biden showed up, didn’t think to ask him to be an alternate.
    When Colbert mocks his lack of presence it’s kind of insulting and does a
    disservice to American democracy.
    He wouldn’t have been my candidate of choice as he only planned to pass on
    the presidency after achieving on goal, a valiant goal but that kind of
    weak position would seriously undermine his electability. But Lessig’s
    participation in the race should have raised the importance of bought
    elections and steered the conversation for other candidates.
    Bernie 2016!

  • payableondeath7 4 years ago

    Lessing got more coverage for quitting than he did for running; two minutes
    on the Colbert show.

  • Maureen McLean 4 years ago

    Very funny.

  • Jupiter Kansas 4 years ago

    No mention of WHY he’s dropping out? Shame on you Colbert.


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