Hugh Jackman Used His Wolverine Casting to Avoid Getting Deported | The Tonight Show

Published on April 2, 2022

Hugh Jackman talks about lying to the border police after landing the role of Wolverine, receiving opening night gifts from Ryan Reynolds and performing in The Music Man after 18 years away from musicals.

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  • EmpyreanLightASMR 12 months ago

    That story is actually super cool because that means that that guy working at the airport is the civilian #0 to find out about Wolverine. Wow!! haha

  • Prathap Kutty 12 months ago

    Since he’s bad at lying, Jimmy should’ve asked Hugh if he was in the new doctor strange movie 😂

  • Margaret Weber 12 months ago

    Hes looking gaunt, hope hea not ill

  • Nathalie Rosenblum 12 months ago


  • Joe O. 12 months ago

    When I was a boy my mom referred to it as “last minute peeps.” I’m so glad Wolverine is a believer in last minute peeps.

  • Rose Pratiwi 12 months ago

    Hugh is such a humble celebrity with a huge talent

  • Lars Gutsein 12 months ago

    Jackman should play the role of Zelenskyy, when ever this man’s life is put into a movie. And just to piss off Putin, his role should be played by Danny DeVito.

  • A 1st 12 months ago

    Wow, Wolverine does NOT age! So talented- saw him on Broadway’s “Boy From Oz.” He sang/tap danced his butt off!

  • Thomas Heyes 12 months ago

    How many chances are there that it’s the same guy who didn’t believe John Krasinski married Emily Blunt lmao

  • Karan Singh 12 months ago

    Doctor Strange 2 – Cameo 😊

    said nuff

  • Brandon 12 months ago

    Deadpool stalking Wolverine. That’s so funny!

  • Nipulkrad Msinatagras 12 months ago

    *Hugh will always be Logan.*

  • Faishal Alghn 12 months ago

    it’s me, your big fan hugh

  • Laura D 12 months ago

    I love Hugh even more now!

  • AJ Battiato 12 months ago

    OMG, that’s a NZ accent you’re doing, Hugh Jackman!

  • Josh J 12 months ago

    So happy Hugh is back doing musicals, I met him back in 2004 when I worked at the local performing arts centre, he was doing Boy from Oz.. he was so amazing.

  • Cheyenne Brennan 12 months ago

    I feel the same way about Fawlty Towers – just not funny for me.

  • Robert Harris 12 months ago

    could imagine that time when jack man got stuck and said he was The Actor that is to Portray a Xmen member of Wolverine to Main Street and they looked at him and Gave him the escorts etc giving Jackman a already positive vibe for playing the Wolverine.. must of been the start of something for him and the studio at the time nice

  • Bill Hoogterp 12 months ago

    I am a conservative but this is a scam post, similar to the ones proven that the Russia Troll Farms did during the elections. Here is how you can tell. They take some video footage that is real, recut it to be a bit misleading but that is not the scam. The Troll farms have thousands of fake accounts, so when they post it, instead of getting 1 view with each person who watches like the rest of us, they “miraculously” have hundreds of thousands of views in the first 1 second. Then hardly any after. Then they have illegal algorithms to post comments which then each “miraculously” have hundreds of only positive comments that agree with pretty far extreme views that don’t represent even conservatives, let alone America or others. Here is how you can tell further these are not real profiles, click on any of them and you can see how they don’t have real friends, are like a hollywood fake town, just fake accounts. We have reached out to the people posting these to confirm and offer to have real phone calls or meet for a burger and fine to have a real discussion and even disagree but as free people. But they cannot call because their country code is +7 is what we are finding. Hmm, now, why would the Russia Troll Farms be spending so much time still trying to undermine American democracy. Ah, that is a very interesting question.

  • Mirkatu 12 months ago

    Yas! Great Aprils Fools Day prank.


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