Hugh Jackman and Hugh Evans

Published on September 24, 2015

CEO of Global Poverty Project Hugh Evans and actor Hugh Jackman join Stephen to talk about the upcoming Global Citizen Festival and their goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030.

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  • Denner Evangelho da Cruz 4 years ago

    But i like being poor… why you wanna take away my freedom?

  • Ryan Sandoval 4 years ago

    It’s no surprise Norway jumped right on board. The Scandinavian countries
    are notorious for providing the best quality of life for just about all of
    their citizens: something the United States isn’t even close to

  • Tafami 4 years ago

    Hugh Jackman and Stephen Colbert on the same stage. My day is made…

  • avi sharma 4 years ago

    wolverine high as fuck..
    ending poverty and shit..?

  • GrilledZucchinis 4 years ago

    Birth control, lessen the degree of corruption, and universal education for
    all helps this cause.

  • khcstewie 4 years ago

    this is seriously great. really glad colbert is willing to invite guests
    that want to contribute to the world in a big way, not just celebrities who
    want to promote their new movie or album. of course, there is nothing wrong
    with guests promoting things on talk shows (this interview was also
    technically promoting something), but this is promoting a cause that can
    really use exposure for the good of humanity. GO COLBERT

  • A D 4 years ago

    Hugh Evans — Just trying to get laid.

  • Paul Ramos 4 years ago

    How you do end global poverty when many states are rife with corruption?
    The few wants to enrich to itself, not sharing.

  • Dylan Hawley 4 years ago

    Hugh Evans sounds like a great guy.

  • Pat TheRedman YNWA 4 years ago

    Hugh jackman should play mad max when tom hardy is finished :-)

  • Naryan Robinson 4 years ago

    It’s so encouraging to see so many people around the world feeling the same
    passion for humanity.

  • Fleur Inoue 4 years ago


  • kjdskgj 4 years ago

    It’s huge that Hugh Jackman and other celebrities get on board for stuff
    like this. For example, I probably wouldn’t have even clicked this
    interview if there was only Hugh Evans, but now I’m glad I did.

  • Veronica A 4 years ago

    Take notes america…

  • Jacob D Wunsch 4 years ago

    Respect Hugh and Hugh!!
    Thank you sincerely for using your celebrity status for the betterment of

  • zantomun 4 years ago

    longer uploads please

  • Muhis Yare 4 years ago

    Great stuff

  • MisterCovek 4 years ago


  • Linda Goffigan 4 years ago

    Where is the top on Stephen Colbert pen?

  • payableondeath7 4 years ago

    That last factoid is amazing; 100 million annually from a single government
    for five years purely towards girls education all over the world, like,
    what are you Norway, Heaven?

  • Navi Gill 4 years ago

    Five other Hughs that could have been here:
    Hugh Grant, Hugh Hefner, Hugh Laurie, Hugh Bonneville, and of course: Hugh

  • Brian Dolinar 4 years ago

    Whose Hugh is Hugh?

  • Joshua Neuenschwander 4 years ago

    hahahahahahah Mad max is Australia. Too good.

  • Matthew Christopher Yeomans 4 years ago

    Too bad Christ will be judging the entire world in 2022.

  • M.T.G 4 years ago

    2 Hands working are better than 1 Million Hands clasped in Prayer…

  • swallowrazors 4 years ago

    Colbert gets the best guests.

  • MsTokies 4 years ago

    wow. wayyyyyyyyyy better than Jimmy Fallon. he’s really putting together a
    very thoughtful program. a mix of Hollywood, big names, and really
    interesting leaders of a better tomorrow type. good job stephen

  • Devin Gresham 4 years ago

    This and other interviews shown recently, is the reason Colbert is one of
    the more intelligent lately shows on right now, bringing in people of vast
    diversity and view points, its incredible what Stephen has done so far. I
    can’t wait to see more of what he has in store


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