Howie Mandel Told Someone Sitting Next to Him on a Plane That They Smelled

Published on December 6, 2018

Howie Mandel shares a lesson he’s learned about talking to fans in New York City, how he handles his germophobia on airplanes and explains why he was initially hesitant to host Deal or No Deal.

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  • Argi Farler 2 weeks ago

    Love howie’s new haircut

  • Anonymous User 2 weeks ago

    It’s wholesome how he’s wearing a shirt of the show he’s on

  • Jack Jammen 2 weeks ago

    99% bacteria spray, Howie. Done.

  • Stefan Koelsch 2 weeks ago

    Makes no sense what he is telling.

  • Jon 2 weeks ago

    Could you imagine if he was on the same plane as that woman drying her panties on the air vent?

  • air port 2 weeks ago

    That had to be an awkward rest of the flight sitting next to the guy he complained about.

  • Homer Briseno 2 weeks ago

    metal health issues .

  • littlewoodimp 2 weeks ago

    No, Howie Mandel got a flight attendant to tell someone they smelled.

  • Priestess Auset Ra Amen 2 weeks ago

    Going to my children’s school functions, with “certain” people who feel, the need not to wash their ass, before coming around a packed room, always incite a homicidal rage in me, where I want to grab a metal chair, and beat the stank ass parent while screaming wash yo stank ass. Then I remember orange is not my color.

  • Dabney Edwards 2 weeks ago

    It’s more of a touching phobia, the fear of possible germs and human contact so he avoids contact with all clean & dirty people.

  • Kenzie T 2 weeks ago

    I helped build The Deal Or No Deal Stage. Never saw it though. There was a punk rock show you know, priorities.

  • Jose Guzamn 2 weeks ago

    Not funny at all…he usually is kinda funny

  • SweetBabyJames78 2 weeks ago

    6:08 “Wanker”, my brain said


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