Howard Stern Slips Into Performance Mode In Therapy

Published on May 22, 2019

(Part Two) ‘Howard Stern Comes Again’ author Howard Stern sometimes slips into performance mode while he’s off the air. And his therapist notices every time. #LSSC #Colbert #HowardStern

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  • Nathan Mckeen 4 months ago


  • Fran Fresno 4 months ago

    Why uploaded in pieces bruh?!?!

  • Red Hunteur 4 months ago

    Oh, cool! I love Fran Lebowitz!

  • Diboy Mashesha 4 months ago

    Cultural Icon

  • Erik Beeson 4 months ago

    Stephen is a good listener.

  • PoochooTrain 4 months ago

    fuck this was so awkward! Any time Howard got into a good bit he was cut off by a commercial break. Colbert is pretty lame, I would say he should stick to trump jokes but that horse has already been beat to death

  • Minister E H 4 months ago

    He looks like Bernie Sanders cousin #imdead 💀🥴🤣🤣

  • eddie panedi 4 months ago

    Running Aground,
    Into My Cursed Life;
    Wanting Forever,
    One Witchy Wife.
    A Dark World,
    A Shady,
    Princess Bride;
    Her wit,
    Her humor,
    So snarky,
    So snide.

    Breaking Balls,
    Breaking Rules,
    Amid, The Dourest,
    Of News.
    Searching For Her,
    Amongst, The Hay,
    Stacked Against,
    The Faintest,
    Of Clues.

    One Mad Mama with,
    The Meanest Of Bush.
    A Badass Woman,
    Who Cannot,
    And Will Not,
    And Should Not,
    Be Pushed.

    Taking Twin Tolls with,
    My time, and my mind.
    Invoking Her with,
    Long Tortured Rhyme.
    Love’s Spectral Spirit,
    A Wild World,
    To Commence.
    All Oddity,
    And Without,
    Taunted by Wit,
    Deprived Of,
    All Sense.

    So Sad,
    So Happy,
    Whirl of Love,
    So Sappy.
    So Goeth,
    The Want,
    Of A Man
    Gone Madly.

    Love Lies Eternal,
    Lost and Profound,
    A Delirious Attraction,
    Does Doth Confound.

    Hearing Her Words,
    Pass by, all blurred.
    Hoping, praying,
    For her, to be stirred.
    Unsettling, titillating,
    Caught, in a fright.
    Wishing, Listing,
    All Dressed,
    To Bathe,
    In The Ink,
    Of Night.

    Finding Yourself,
    Always Lost Within,
    Another’s Whirlwind.
    Hoping Beyond Hope,
    The Show Never Ends.
    Waiting For Her,
    My Bestest Of Friend,
    My Fairest Of Love,
    A Brilliant Star,
    Named Jen.

  • ANsOn II 4 months ago

    He takes meds?

  • Sean Anderson 4 months ago

    Stephen, thank you for letting him talk. You are a good listener. 🙂

  • Roskal Raskal 4 months ago

    When this is on tv is there really a break every 5 minutes? tv is so bad for that.

  • Dan Boyle 4 months ago

    Boy, but Stern is annoying.


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