Howard Stern Befriended Jimmy’s Kids with “The Name Game” (Extended Interview)

Published on May 15, 2019

Howard Stern explains how Jimmy’s Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA inspired him to write his first book in more than 20 years, reveals why he’s learning to become a watercolor painter and discusses the extremes he’ll go to rescuing animals with his wife.

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  • Jay Ray 1 week ago

    Wait.. Beth is his wife..? I thought that was his prized pet horse :/

  • The Wealth Generator 1 week ago

    This guy is such a legend

  • VanRocCarMor 1 week ago

    The same man who has 21 Million YouTube subscribers is the same that has a 7 page book with five letters per page. Makes sense.

  • Mario Anthony 1 week ago

    STERN IS A LEGEND!!!! He always interviews himself, Jimmy has never been quieter. I love it.

  • Enrike Rodriguez 1 week ago

    good tohight jimmy

  • Random Videos 1 week ago

    Sub to me😎👊🏻

  • maggieelizabethh 1 week ago

    My grandma really likes Stephen Colbert but Jimmy has just always been my favorite.

  • Conviction072 1 week ago

    Says a lot about the attention span of people nowadays, when a 12 minute interview is considered “extended”.

  • OBJECTION Filibuster 1 week ago

    C’mon upload the of monsters and men already!!!

  • ummmdudewtf 1 week ago

    Jeesus Howard Stern radiates so much energy it’s insane.

  • Philip McAuley 1 week ago

    Howard showed Jimmy how to take over a show like a pro. He makes handles himself with so much experience and makes Jimmy seem like a little boy in this game.

  • Whiskey and Cigarettes 1 week ago

    Howard props the book up, haha

    He is going to hate some angles of the camera.

  • Quirk Genius 1 week ago

    The only dude who can say “I’ll come on him” on national TV, what a guy

  • High rise 1 week ago


  • Doc Quandary 1 week ago

    This is Haward’s show right now lol

  • a little hot sax fallon 1 week ago

    This was such a great interview, very not overly familiar with Howard’s interview style seeing how I can’t get his radio program…I’ve only heard a few over the years…but this interview moved me

  • I Share U Watch 1 week ago

    Haha so funny I love the show

  • Melissa Ginsburg 1 week ago

    Already bought two books and I’m looking for more people to buy it for! Howard is amazing! Great job Jimmy!


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