How the Right Politicized Roy Moore’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations: The Daily Show

Published on November 13, 2017

The conservative media rushes to defend Roy Moore after the Alabama Senate candidate is accused of having sexual relationships with teenage girls.

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  • 3.14 Dragon 1 year ago

    38 year old- Reasnoble. Misdemeanor at the time- No. NO!

  • Anthony Marcus 1 year ago

    How the perverted left nominated and elected a known pervert and disgraced rapist, Billy Clinton as president. And defended this lump of shit the whole time he slimed the office of the president. Then the left nominated and elected a traitor, a faggot, a muslim to further degrade the office. Not satisfied with that, the left attempted to nominate and elect an insane treasonous lesbian witch. We need a cleansing in this country. A civil war. Once done there will only be moderates and conservatives left. The progressive socialist communists left alive can be forcibly deported to Antarctica. That way there infectious disease will slowly pass away into the garbage dump of history.

  • Humza Malik 12 months ago

    “Season ticket to the wrong side of history” HOLY SHIT TREV you are GOLDEN

  • ViaVia 11 months ago

    Democratic Polotican: *cheats on their wife and has a mild sex addiction*

    Republicans: OH MY GOD!! This is an outrage! Absolutely horrible! We’re not gonna let them live this down for decades and decades to come!!

    Republican Politician: *Rapes and sexually assults women and underage girls*

    Republicans: Why is everyone trying to make this a political thing?! You guys are overreacting and trying to make a big deal just for attention!

  • Daniel Roque 11 months ago

    Thank you Trevor for using the quotes when calling these idiots “christians” – I’m a believer in Christ and dont agree with none of these Republican idiots and their “christian” way

  • C GR 11 months ago

    Always on point👍🏼

  • pop5678eye 11 months ago

    If a black man was waving a gun in public to show how much he cared to carry a gun all the time, people would call the FBI immediately! But if it’s a white man doing that? ‘How patriotic!’

  • Herb Tenderson 11 months ago

    The guy is a scumbag sexual predator, not a pedophile. Pedophile is 10 yrs and under.

  • sniffthecactus duh 11 months ago

    just imagine the values they must have….

  • dylan babb 10 months ago

    So according to that one guy rape is equal to stealing a lawn mower? What the fuck is wrong with this planet. Honestly before this video I thought feminazis were just crazy but now I see that they are needed to balance out monsters like that. There is no excuse or justification for any kind of sexual crime or assault. It doesn’t matter who did it to who, how long ago it happened, or why it happened in the first place.

  • G Graham 10 months ago

    the second “coming” HHAHAHAHAHAA

  • Tucker Bowen 10 months ago

    4:28 I’m glad he made sure to specify that not *all* Christians are like that 🙂

  • Rambling Hyena 10 months ago

    Actually is in every page of the bible talking about women.😂

  • Mermaid We 10 months ago

    Did that jerk just compare stealing a lawnmore with sexual asualt. Do they engage their brain before speaking

  • omegagilgamesh 8 months ago

    One problem I have with politicians, and while this is a bigger problem on the Right, both sides have this bad, is that if one of them commits a felony the worst that happens is they are forced to resign. Anyone else: jail and/or prison, harsh fines, probation, sometimes community service and/or become a registered sex offender. Same as if you’re an executive at a major corporation, if people die because of your business decisions/cost cutting schemes, EVEN IF *SEVERAL* OF YOU ARE CONVICTED OF MANSLAUGHTER, like in the case of the Deepwater Horizon incident, none of you will see jail time, and any lawsuits are paid out of the insurance company and not your own pocket while you still reap the profits built on the dead bodies of your working class.

  • Danish Hariz 8 months ago

    If u say that joesph married a young woman called mary and their son was jesus to defend roy moores defense from his sexual assaults, then u roy moores supporters cant put shame on islam because of muhammad marrying a young child called aisha. I had enough of these idiots

  • Christopher Parks 7 months ago

    His accent drives me insane. Dont get me wrong, i like it, but i am unfamiliar with it and thus far cannot predict what the next word will sound like. Need to listen to his accent much more, what is it?

  • lolster 292 7 months ago

    Let’s say suddenly, allegations of pedophilia came out against Obama. I feel like the Republicans would try and convict him before you can even blink, yet they would still be willing to turn a blind eye to Roy Moore.

  • - Buehmann 7 months ago

    Say what you want against pedophiles, but they slow down in school zones.


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