How The House Intel Committee Landed On ‘No Collusion’

Published on March 14, 2018

The House Intelligence Committee employed a very complex process to determining Trump’s ties to Russia.

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  • The Versace Hobo 10 months ago

    No collusion, SAADDD

  • Roman Lopez 10 months ago

    Blue wave incoming

  • rushil jalnawala 10 months ago

    This is exactly what happened lol lol I’m waiting for muller

  • V 10 months ago

    Anything written by traitor Nunes is only good for fire starter.

  • thiefofa1073 10 months ago

    A lot has happened this week. Anyway, the current updated list (with Sam/Hicks inserted but without the Malaysian money/yacht & Trump’s Aide):
    a. Carter Page: working with Russians since 2013 (3 years before Trump ran)
    – adopted by Trump as an advisor (Charged and under exposed FISA warrant)

    b. Paul Manafort: working for Russians for Ukraine work for 15 years
    – adopted by Trump as his Campaign Manager (Charged and under indictment)

    c. Michael Flynn: working with Russians and foreign governments (e.g. Turkey)
    – adopted by Trump as National Security Advisor for 23 days. (Guilty/ co-operating)

    d. Papadopoulos: meetings with Russians contradicting his oaths given
    – adopted by Trump as campaign Foreign Policy Advisor (Guilty/ co-operating)

    e. Felix Sater: quote “I will get Putin in on this, WE will get Donald elected”
    – adopted by Trump as election liason (cooperating for worldwide money laundering)

    f. Rick Gates: worked with Manafort for 8 years & earned millions for Russian work
    – adopted by Trump as senior deputy campaign official (pled Guilty/ co-operating)

    g. Wilbur Ross: led private bailout of Bank of Cyprus, a haven for Russian oligarchs
    – repeatedly failed to disclose Russian financial interests & ties in hearings
    – adopted by Trump as US Commerce Secretary (refuses to answer any queries)

    h. Jeff Sessions: Forgot meetings with Russian ambassador/ remembered them
    – adopted by Trump as US Attorney General (1st Republican to back Trump)

    i. Jared Kushner: Forgot meetings with Russians then remembered them
    – adopted by Trump as son-in-law (£1 Billion in debt & Russian back channels)

    j. Don Junior: Forgot meeting with Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya then remembered
    – adopted by Trump as son (released emails detailing agenda and parties involved)

    k. Rex Tillerson: awarded Russia friendship medal by Putin, had Russia/Exxon dealings
    – adopted by Trump as US State Sec. (was director of Bahama US-Russia oil firm)
    – fired for unspecified reasons (as of this post not confirmed yet)

    l. Betsy Devos: her brother Erik met a “high level Russian close to Putin” on 11 Jan ’17
    – he attempted to set up direct back channels between Donald Trump and Putin
    – adopted by Trump as US Education Secretary (‘denies’ any knowledge of meeting)

    m. Hope Hicks : Close aide, involved in Don Junior Russian meeting excuse email
    – adopted by Trump as comms director (quit right after Sen. Int. Committee interview)

    n. Sam Nunberg: triggered by Russian-based questions from past Mueller interviews
    – adopted by Trump as election advisor (initially refused to accept Mueller’s subpeona)

    o. Roger Stone: denies having advance knowledge of Russian Podesta email hack
    – disputes any connection to Russian intelligence or Podesta’s brothers Russian links
    – adopted by Trump as election advisor (under focus by Mueller via other interviews)

    p. Corey Lewandowski: has reversed previous denials on Carter Page’s Russia visit
    – adopted by Trump as campaign manager (still under questioning by committee)

    1. Preet Bharara – US Attorney, Trump asked to stay during Russia investigatory panel
    – fired by Trump – after refusal to dismiss 46 attorneys appointed in Obama period

    2. Sally Yates – US Attorney General, warned Trump admin about Flynn & Russia
    – fired by Trump – on supposed basis of not following travel ban order

    3. James Comey – FBI Director, released pivotal email that affected Hillary’s votes
    – fired by Trump – would not align himself for Trump or drop Flynn/ Russia case

    4. Andrew McCabe – Deputy FBI Director after Comey dismissed
    – Initially reported by Fox as fired – yet resigned with 2 months paid leave due

    5. Rod Rosenstein – US AG #37, asked to justify firing Comey – appointed Mueller
    – Targeted for firing by the memo, may step down, or stay to help with the nonsense

    It’s only obvious to any NRA gun-nut, flat-earther, pizza-gater, anti pro-choice, racist, bigotted, Obama birther, climate change denying, anti-vaxxer, UFO-hunting, Bible thumping, anti-LGBT, non-Leviticus reading, hurricanes created by FEMA, death-panels, gay frog watering, Carrie Fisher murdered to boost Star Wars sales, teen-dating senator backing, crisis actor believing, Fox/Faux News watching, Alex-Jones subscribing, Trump-supporting Republican IDIOT that there’s nothing to see. Now move along.

  • thiefofa1073 10 months ago

    The unsealed FBI documents charging 17 people for 89 felonies show that:
    1) Gates and Manafort were in debt to Russia for over $8 million
    2) They were defrauding banks to pay that debt urgently
    3) They took over the management of the Trump campaign “for free”
    4) The Russians erased the $8 million debt and gave them more money

    My God, this sounds straight from the next new season of Homeland:
    – Flashback to 7 years ago with Manafort and Gates doing freelance work for Russia with some assistance from Flynn later. Anti-Russian Ukraine sanctions in 2016 happen – which results both their hard-earned, illegal millions of dollars in un-taxed money getting stuck both in Ukraine and Cyprus. They had borrowed over $8 million in advance from Russian oligarchs to fund their lavish lifestyles (show Manafort’s $600k+ each rugs and lavish wardrobes).

    – Short scenes of Manafort and Gates shown in desperate need to get money (from anywhere including fake bank loans) to pay back the Russians, with henchmen in dark glasses knocking on their doors every day and following them around. Suddenly, Manafort gets a break by working for free for the Trump campaign, and Gates is pulled in to assist. Cut to a Russian loanshark henchman throwing Manafort up against a wall by his neck, demanding the money.

    “Wait, WAIT!” screams Manafort gasping for air, “I’m INSIDE NOW, I am IN CHARGE of the Trump campaign. Do you know what this means? Have you SEEN the polling figures? This Trump is so nuts, I could be backing the next president-elect going against HILLARY CLINTON, then I will be in the Republican PRESIDENTIAL campaign! Putin always said he wanted to get back at her, TELL HIM NOW’S HIS CHANCE! He can make life hard for her!”

    The henchman pauses, but lowers Manafort to the floor. “Ok zen, vi will hold for now. Let us know if you need more money. Da, vi vill have some fun. Dere is $30 million dollars from Crimea that vi have liberated that could be of use to you. Vi can get it to you via some channels vi have in the NRA, Melania’s aide’s firm and other right-wing associations…”

    “No, no you don’t understand.” stammers Manafort, adjusting back his crumpled collar and tie. “Yes, the money we want is for the campaigning stuff, but the money we NEED is to influence the people here, and we don’t need much – just a few million will do. Just give me 13 of your people to set it in motion.”

    “I do not understand?” asks the henchman, raising one eyebrow and lowering his dark glasses at the same time.

    “You idiot.” Manafort grunts, gaining back his confidence and raising his voice. “Over 40 years ago we were racing to beat you Soviets to reach the moon, now we have to contend with stupid flat-earthers and climate-change deniers. Idiots here still believe Obama is from Africa, his death panels, Hillary’s pizza-gate child killers, Uranium-One, and other stories we cooked up. Just a few million dollars under the radar to get into the social media space and we will cook up more stories. We’ll get the sheep here to support Trump even more.”

    “And vi want the Ukraine related Russian sanctions pulled back or cut, da?” pointed out the henchman.

    “Yes all in good time – but we’ll put in a few good words for you Russians during the campaign. What have you got to lose? The least you get is your boss Putin getting back at Hillary for all the trouble she caused as Obama’s state secretary – and the most you get is… I mean who knows… Trump might even win…”

    (fade to black with ominous music)

  • River Stonë 10 months ago


  • Trina Holman 10 months ago

    Am amazed they allowed the camera into the room.

  • moe shaak 10 months ago

    Black panther wasn’t that good but it was a different type of Hollywood movie

  • MrGeekFreek 10 months ago

    The girl with the glasses is my favourite.

  • Bigolddragon 10 months ago

    Well i guess we’re all safe then, pfew, I was a bit worried.

  • Paul Ramos 10 months ago

    I wonder how much the former Soviet spymasters paid these sleazy elephants to make that equally despicable conclusion.

  • TSK 10 months ago

    Hang on, is the the investigation led by Robert Mueller? Or a fake investigation by the lackeys of the White House?

  • Fatty Acid 10 months ago

    I love how the guy was going to hit bullseye despite the blindfold but the other guy pulled the board slightly to the right at the very end resulting in a miss.

  • Rodya 10 months ago

    The whole Russia thing is Fake News ! It was crooked Hilary and HUSSEIN OBumma who were colluding wiht Russia and ISIS to destroy America ! DOn’t believe the mainstream media . All american journalists have sold themselves to Soros , NWO and multi-national globalists. President Trump is trying to save America from democRATS , Liberals and the Globalists , who are the real enemy ! # MAGA


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