How the Funeral Industry Continues to Profit Off the Cost of Dying Pt. 2

Published on October 27, 2021

We can all agree that funerals are the most depressing and least fun kind of party (aside from baby showers). But did you know they’re also insanely expensive? Here’s how the funeral industry makes a fortune off the deaths of our loved ones. Part 2 of 2.




  • Aisadal 1 year ago

    My fellow deathlings, my fellow members of The Order of the Good Death, aka, the Ask a Mortician/Caitlin Doughty fam, where y’all at?

  • Farghe Maziad 1 year ago


  • Moonlit 1 year ago

    Whoa. I never thought about embalming fluid going into the ground as toxic.

  • John De Witt Walsh 1 year ago

    Oh, my God – I had the grandmother diamond engagement ring idea! I feel so validated!

  • Marquita Marina 1 year ago

    It is baffling why the MSM has been absolutely silent about the fact that Ivanka obtained a trademark from China for *COFFINS and *VOTING MACHINES *while her daddy occupied the Oval Office *where she also had an office even though *she could not pass a security clearance.

  • PavarottiAardvark 1 year ago

    In Britain the local government not only provide a minimum cost funeral, but there is also a fund for Funeral Expenses Payments to help families who can’t afford services.

  • Alkg Gkla 1 year ago

    SO Many natural options other than cremation… Aquamation, body composting, natural shroud burial, donation…. how to choose….

  • Holly York 1 year ago

    I’m very empathethic…toward the living. When my mom died we cremated her, no marked-up urn and my sister took her ashes home in a bagged box. To this day I have no idea what she did with mom’s ashes and I don’t care as my mom was dead and no longer cared about her body anymore. The funeral homememorial is what costed us the most. Still, less than $3,000 for everything.

  • Rex Mikes 1 year ago

    steve buscemi…the eternal progressive

  • heyysimone 1 year ago

    If anyone says to you “embalming makes the body safe” just think of it like this. If your loved one died, say in their sleep or at the hospital, and you were with them, holding their hand, do you let go the moment they die? No. You arent immediately letting them go and scrubbing away the “dead”. Unless they have some sort of dangerous infection that is able to be passed along, they are fine.

  • san 1 year ago

    green burial??? okay NOW lets get caitlin on this

  • Sophie Nylar 1 year ago

    That’s a very important issue! Thanks for talking about it!

  • Janie Kilkelly 1 year ago

    Anyone with Scots or Irish ancestry have wakes with the dead loved ones in the house for a day or two. Without embalming that would be gross. There are green options for the embalming fluid.

  • allybean100 1 year ago

    They can take whatever pieces and parts that can be given to someone that could use them, what ever is left can go to research. When they’re done cremate what’s left and put it back in the ground. I despise the idea of sitting in an urn on someone self. I think in ground burial is unethical and wasteful

  • Dannie 1 year ago

    Someone has been watching Caitlin Doughty videos! Ask a Mortician is a great channel, and Ms. Doughty is an awesome death mother. She should really be in these segments and interviewed!

  • Jovan Reid 1 year ago

    Had no idea about any of this. As a protest, I hereby opt to have my body composted just to stick it to the funeral industry. Thanks Samantha 🐝. What you do with this platform is invaluably informative, and beyond awesome!


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