How Strong Is John Krasinski? Stephen Colbert Arm Wrestles Him To Find Out

Published on May 20, 2021

Because our fearless host is truly free from fear, he challenged his first in-studio guest in 14 months, the very strong John Krasinski, to an arm wrestling match. May the best man win! #Colbert #ArmWrestling #JohnKrasinski

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  • thedoneeye 3 years ago

    “C’mon John, let’s arm wrestle!”

    “John, ya’ like movies about gladiators?’

    “You ever hang around a gymnasium?”

    “You ever been in a Turkish prison?”

    “You ever seen a grown man naked?”

  • LUIZ ADAME 3 years ago

    After that arm wrestle the wife she will beat both of you

  • kurtcoibainjr 3 years ago

    That guy’s a dick. Plagiarist CIA propagandist, and made a ton of money off of an idea he stole from a book.

  • Evilkid ! 3 years ago

    Lol simply the best

  • Peter L. 3 years ago

    This is a good way to hold hands and stare at someone you like. All I ever tried before was thumb wrestling a girl I liked.

  • Frawriest 3 years ago

    I hope with all my heart this was unscripted

  • Greg White 3 years ago

    Two grown men holding hands on TV , what’s next !

  • Tonya S 3 years ago

    omg i’ve never laughed so hard. NEEDS to be an Arm wrestling comp for every one of your guests from now on!! HILARIOUS!

  • Salvador Rojas 3 years ago

    He looks like Gaston

  • Crimson Guard 3 years ago

    Why is Stephen’s wife always there? It’s like when a kid needs their mom around. Would have been nice to have the guest without his wife there. His wife doesnt add anything to the show.

  • javier montoya 3 years ago

    He’s gone from not having a guest to touching the guest. Seth Meyers has guests that sit in the middle of the couch. What the heck are the rules in NY?

  • productplacementads 24/7 3 years ago

    1:10 after all these years this man is still “Jimming” the camera.

  • chris mikkin 3 years ago

    That made me laugh

  • Zetsuke4 3 years ago

    internal rotation of the shoulder

  • Abhinav Reddy Mothe 3 years ago

    1:41 The Office trained him well

  • Alexis C 3 years ago

    “This is not smart, hon” is a t-shirt I would gladly wear


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