How Ron Howard Convinced Chef José Andrés To Do The Documentary, “We Feed People”

Published on May 4, 2022

In the second part of their interview with Stephen, Ron Howard describes how he courted Chef José Andrés and eventually convinced him to participate in a documentary about World Central Kitchen. That doc, “We Feed People,” premieres May 27th on Disney+. Stick around for more with Ron and Chef José! #Colbert #WorldCentralKitchen #WeFeedPeople


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  • Adjunct Prof Colleen B Kelly - Retired 2 years ago

    It’s only Americans that are rude enough to change every single menu every single night….Americans are so rude they even send food back they don’t like #SoRude #SoClassless #SoGauche

  • RaulSithlord 2 years ago

    Oh Richard

  • Neil Deep 2 years ago

    I understand his struggle 03:00 . Stop demanding so much. Be a good bitch & take it quietly.

  • Sharon Pfeiffer 2 years ago

    Chef Jose is my Super Hero!!


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