How QAnon Is Taking Over The GOP | The Daily Social Distancing Show



  • Ry Sun 2 years ago

    Repukes don’t believe the media…
    Qanon is the truth

  • Archangel Tyrael 2 years ago

    What’s sad is everyone calling Q an “anonymous government official” when the people behind it are just two trolls from 4chan who’ve admitted it and even shown their account logs for evidence of it

  • Hanala Sagal 2 years ago

    Here are good talking points to whip out at Thanksgiving Zoom dinner. 🤣

  • Jason Firewalker 2 years ago

    It’s pronounced Ex-President.

  • soag87 2 years ago

    Q was already running in some circles back in 2012 or perhaps sooner. I stumbled upon it reading and listening about UFO’s because I happen to find the topic interesting. It is very easy to go down the various rabbit holes they peddle. Enough kernels of truth woven with intricate story lines about disclosure, the cabal, global banks and elites. You aren’t in your predicament in life because of your own doing. Oh no, the deck has been stacked against you, and here is your vindication! Q is coming to save you. A secret society of White Hats working from within to take down this evil empire. Except there is one problem. The shit never materializes. I mean never. When a date comes and goes, something happened behind the scenes. The cabal got word. This person died. That person disappeared. Then there is a new date. Big buildup. Comes and goes. More excuses. New big buildup. Nothing happens. Get the picture?

    Meanwhile they are selling podcasts and soliciting donations, raking in lots of money to fund some rather nice lifestyles. They are gifted story tellers and nothing more.

  • Tor the tame badger 2 years ago

    Its what Ive been telling people for the last 4 years, USA is the developing country of the west. They believe more hocus pocus, Shamanic supernatural stuff than any tribe in any third world country. Its hilarious.

  • BlackHoleBrew42 2 years ago

    So…. idiots. Got it.

  • Circe 2 years ago

    Wait, isn’t this how religion was born?

  • Siggy Love 2 years ago

    What the actual fuck.

  • stream2watch 2 years ago

    The nutcases are gonna find this comment field “HURR DURR DO YOUR RESEARCH”, “HURR DURR STOP LISTENING TO MSM”,
    They are predictable like that.

  • Mary Elizabeth 2 years ago

    “Possums are just dogs without makeup.” 😂😂😂

  • Filipe Costa 2 years ago

    You got it backwards, just use basic psychology and say it is actually real, then trumpminions will doubt it

  • Yakaroni El Yak 2 years ago

    The most powerful person on the whole planet has to send secret codes to his followers via spelling words wrong? That’s like god sending a message to every human being via a human sacrifice in some dusty corner of the desert.

  • Debbie Beck 2 years ago

    How gullible are people, amazing.

  • Daniel Hei 2 years ago

    6:50 was it only me who almost shat when momo came on?

  • Yer Ma 2 years ago

    New counter-movement…

    P’in on.

  • DeepQuake9 2 years ago

    Why can’t we just SEED these Q threads with fact guised as conspiracy?

  • From the Mind of Harlan 2 years ago

    Thank you for covering this Qanonsense and craziness, bigger news outlets need to acknowledge that these deranged people are actually growing in power and need to be stopped, not because there is a conspiracy, it’s because their belief that there is a conspiracy will get people killed

    They are already ready to kidnap and kill people just for the belief that something is going on, with literally no other evidence than conjecture and random information on the internet

    It’s genuinely terrifying what these people will do if left unchecked

  • Xi M 2 years ago

    Sounds like every religion ever


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