How Paul McCartney Handles Fans’ Emotional Connections

Published on September 24, 2019

Living legend Paul McCartney is always “very happy” to hear about the deeply-held feelings people attach to this songs, like when our host divulges his personal connection to the Wings song ‘Band On The Run.’ #Colbert #Beatles #PaulMcCartney

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  • alggazteca 2 years ago

    Amazing! Fresh, nutty, irreverent… like so many years ago. What an emotion must have been for Paul to come back to the place where they started making history.

  • glenny oc 2 years ago

    Ive written a book fir xmas! C’mon Paul your now flogging books for more money.

  • Tessmage Tessera 2 years ago

    Rock royalty.

  • TheMonolake 2 years ago

    Hes so fkn cool.hes just so fkn cool.

  • Just Killing Time 2 years ago

    That was the most honest thing I think I’ve ever seen on the internet or television.

  • Reflex 2 years ago

    When you see someone as arrogant as Kanye West, it’s nice to think about an interview like this. I mean if a fucking Beatle isn’t arrogant, who the hell are you to be arrogant??

  • Henry Gucci 2 years ago

    That’s such a powerful and sad question, the thought that Paul McCartney may not ever know how impactful his songs rest dear to our hearts

  • Rafiq Farhan 2 years ago

    This is why Stephen Colbert is the best late night host ever …

  • Dawn W 2 years ago

    I wish this interview could have been a sit-down, two or three-hour thing. Great interview by Colbert. McCartney is gracious and down to earth.

  • Moondance Jackson 2 years ago

    I love seeing Paul and Stephen together. Thank you for posting this and the other parts too. Great interview. Paul has been my favorite Beatle since I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in 1964. He still is!

  • Liamara Costarodrigues 2 years ago

    Don’t let me down

  • CAVlogs121 2 years ago

    The greatest thing about Paul’s music is how timeless it is. It connects with all generations.

  • ROCKINGMAN 2 years ago

    I saw McCartney a couple of times out and about in London. One was at EMI studio, in ’97 and a girl presented him with a postcard to sign. He refused and said ‘sorry if I do it for you I’ve got to do it for everybody else’. I though that was a mean thing, just sign the fucking thing, she, after all probably spent a bit of money on him buying his albums. I heard of other stories too. I suppose fans don’t always leave you alone but if you’re passing through them make an effort. After all he’s a just a singer, lets idolise the surgeon that saves peoples lives, or the man that makes an effort to help his fellow brother or the man that has given a kidney to save another. Well, theres room for dispute, McCartney mainly The Beatles have made alot of people happy but put it into context.

  • ren hoek 2 years ago

    He’s probably written 50 more famous or arguably better songs than ‘band on the run’ despite that being the biggest song of 74, what an absolute legend.

  • Yolanda Pilecki 2 years ago

    What a sweet and humble man. Love Paul McCartney. ???

  • Htheorphanarian 2 years ago

    If you haven’t cried to at least one Beatles song than you are the t-1000

  • Lightning Lass 2 years ago

    Very emotional question!!!!! Such a good question!!!!! Loved that xxx

  • Adam Aroeste 2 years ago

    Is Paul just the best???

  • Rob Smith 2 years ago

    His singing voice has gone and so has his talking voice by the sound of it

  • Geraldine Higgins Burke 2 years ago

    Band on the run.! How do you even begin to write such a beautiful fantastic memorable song.. He is still a down to earth person so lovely to listen to his ordinariness even though his writing and musicianship is extraordinary. I’m not a person to ever be in awe of anyone. My father used to tell us’ Don’t make little God’s of anyone ‘ but he has come close for me. Thank you for the music and memories Paul.


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