How Much Does Trevor Hate the Cold? – Between the Scenes | The Daily Show

Published on January 28, 2019

How much does Trevor miss the warm weather in South Africa. Better question: how much does he hate the cold? #BetweenTheScenes



  • Hana Omer 1 year ago

    Schools are closed right now because of the weather so I don’t hate the cold that much

  • Sher20ck 1 year ago

    Where I live ppl talk about the nice spring/summery weather when it’s 16 C (and not raining) and you see ppl walk around in t-shirts and breezy clothes and going to the beach or the lakes to swim. It’s interesting to see what ppl from different countries consider nice weather.

  • Hatake Nigkashi 1 year ago

    Born and raised in Florida and I never thought of shooting armadillos… Alligators tho? Better not catch you in my yard…

  • Monique Fredericks 1 year ago

    When Trevor says: “noo” he sounds like a kid?but hey one reason why you should come back home ? bring the show along ??

  • Vincent Nacon 1 year ago

    Nooooo no no no no no, stay out of Florida… they’re not crazy because of the summer heat. NOoooooope. Hell no.

  • climi681 1 year ago

    I’m the opposite, I LOVE WINTER SO MUCH……..

  • Some Person 1 year ago

    I used to love winter, this winter is not one of them…

  • nickdagamer 1 year ago

    The weather app shows -49 F with windchill on Wednesday in Iowa. 

  • Evija3000 1 year ago

    How cold is it there?

  • VALMER LYNN 1 year ago

    I got some serious wiki leaks in my pants so much pee.

  • George 1 year ago

    Phoenix is in the 70s 😀

  • Dee Lee 1 year ago

    Tomorrow and Wednesday here in Minnesota is supposed to be around -50° with windchill

  • nrjappah 1 year ago

    Trevor from another African, I totally agree with u. I moved from Liberia in the middle of December to Boston. I still get out of my house 20 years later and wonder why the hell Brits wanted this land. It’s way too cold to fight for.

  • Summer Xo 1 year ago

    Summer in South Africa ?

  • Alt+Doom 1 year ago

    Greetings from chilly old Wisconsin.

  • Chris fuck you Reilly 1 year ago

    Human beings were not meant to populate to the extent that we have! That’s my opinion, to me it seems more than obvious we were supposed to set of a civilization in areas that were hospitable, to the human race. Warm areas, with enough rain excetera. The cold is f****** insane, as far as living in it. But the planet, is extremely complex and it needs this kind of weather in certain areas! I guess I’ll just wrap it up with human beings are not meant to lose in areas where it’s too cold, or too hot for that matter!

  • C Fields 1 year ago

    Yankees winter in the south, hence the origin of the nick name SNOWBIRDS

  • Dwi Restukanti 1 year ago

    So that how the colony idea came up.. deadly cold…??

  • Q-Slayer 1 year ago


  • Fresco gedime 1 year ago

    I’m in Wisconsin right now wow ???


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