How Is the Word CALZONE Pronounced?

Published on December 8, 2021

It’s Show 999 and James is feeling a little sorry for it, as it will forever live in the shadow of tomorrow night. But Reggie has an idea: a game of staff musical chairs. And when we get into the news, the word calzone comes up and sends us into a wormhole so deep we may not make it to Episode 1000.

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  • thyhandrevolve 7 months ago

    Craig Ferguson would be proud of how the late late show has turned out all these years later if he watched, Funniest late show on current broadcast since Conan’s reign ended.

  • Ryan March 7 months ago

    We got it wrong but if you’re in America you run 1 of 2 risks.
    1. Everyone thinks you don’t know how to pronounce calzone & you’ve got to have a 1/2hour conversation proving you’re right. A conversation that’s torture.
    2. You look like the asshat who went to Europe for 5 days & starts calling apartments flats.
    That’s why I think nobodies fixing the problem. 🤷‍♀️

  • fatima fellah 7 months ago

    I am Italian. PLEASE make sure to say caLzone and not cazzone PLEASE as I don’t think you can say the second word on National TV. Ahah

  • Neo 7 months ago

    Finally, some festivity going on. Well done and thank you for the decoration. Happy 999th Show. 🎆

  • Paula,la perra de fuego, Murphy 7 months ago

    we do not say parkin’ zoney, or loadin’ zoney, here in USA! It’ CAL-ZONE, ima call it CAL- ZONE! Hey, I “Southern’, U lucky I even say CAL-ZONE with my “EARNEST T. BASS” accent!! Love U Mr. Corden.. stay awesome!!

  • H Hh 7 months ago

    Where did the present on the desk go?

  • lia alex 7 months ago

    As an italian i wanna warn you: calzone with lz not zz , that other word is really offensive because it means assh… or dic….d 🙂

  • Maurice Stokes 7 months ago

    Oh man! I just love that whistle song that they play. So catchy!

  • YeeSoest 7 months ago

    One of the very few advantages of being a german: We have most of the Umlauts, Diphtongs, Phonetics, the “ch” and “sch” sounds of roman, hebrew, russian and arab languages so we can pronounce Calzone, Marseille, Hannukah, Wladiwostok and Baghdad in a somewhat credible way.
    But yes, ve do struggle mightily wis ze english längüage, admittedly

  • J La 7 months ago

    From pronunciation of calzone to universal healthcare. Corden was amazing!

  • YeeSoest 7 months ago

    Yesterday I learned that the reason why america NEEDS student debt and a bad healthcare system is so the army can use those things as a recruiting tool…
    Now the world seems even less fun and salvageable than before…

  • Teresa S 7 months ago

    I’m not British and I pronounce calzone and Nevada the same as James 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Christmas tree in the bedroom…very nice 🎄✨😍

  • SrJackquito 7 months ago

    The best late night show on TV by far. Second place not even in rear view mirror.
    Please keep this going. I will always watch this banter anytime

  • gingerbread addiction 7 months ago

    Not so sure about the “the entire world looks to”…

  • James Jones 7 months ago

    Now i’m curious what they edited out they should post the unedited cut on youtube!

  • jadedjadejay 7 months ago

    I’m American and I think we’ve butchered…well all languages 😒

  • ac5x7 7 months ago

    I’m not going to lie. For the last ten days holiday music is everywhere. And every time James said it’s time for the news, a little part of me was waiting for Steve to play a Christmas jingle.

  • Simone 7 months ago

    So much fun!!

  • Mindlessmoonchild 7 months ago

    Why does the mono have to end, it was just getting good 😫😫😫


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