How I Wrote That Album: CHVRCHES “Every Open Eye”

Published on October 7, 2015

CHVRCHES talks about going back to Glasgow to record “Every Open Eye” and getting to see fans respond to the new album on the road.

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  • Brittney Bryan 4 years ago

    First comment

  • OnzichtbareMan -.o 4 years ago

    muse cover :)

  • CrazyIsCool 4 years ago


  • Foxes “Pammy” Bjerg 4 years ago


  • CaliforniaMenace 4 years ago

    Their new album is absolutely amazing.

  • avi sharma 4 years ago

    hate these kinds of videos

  • thisismylife #blessed 4 years ago


  • A Lowther 4 years ago


  • azim saleh 4 years ago

    happy birthday lauren! keep inspiring.

  • Matt M 4 years ago

    Audio is awful jimmy mate

  • Black Mouse Media 4 years ago

    You are on the Tonight Show, smile you pouty bitches

  • Meow 4 years ago

    I’m so frickin’ sick of hearing about Chvrches.

  • lorenadfv 4 years ago

    The audio sucks! unacceptable jimmy

  • Samuel Mašlár 4 years ago

    I love CHVRCHES and a love this new record! I’m so glad that they were at
    Tonight Show!

  • David Harvath 4 years ago

    saw a random video on 5by app last year. she’s a cutie

  • Steve27775 4 years ago

    Fire the sound man.

  • HATE me haters 4 years ago


  • Allen Shrestha 4 years ago

    i know it is not related but could you please do cover the story on
    #DonateOilToIndianEmbassy and #BackOffIndia
    Nepal need world media attention. please help us.

  • John T 4 years ago

    Thank u for letting the world know satan was in ur studio and the
    vibrations (rewatch this video & notice how the bandmember on the right
    uses his hands to make a downward sloping funnel in the direction of the
    dwelling place of satan and look again at the other two band mates as they
    hang their heads in Shame as they quickly try to change the direction of
    their recorded conversation. Then ponder when they say: Ooh, it “somehow
    wrote itself” meaning they did Not use their innate talent to create
    wonderful music because somehow their was a satanic force present in the
    studio and the band’s was tricked or witnessed an illusion which allowed
    satan to enter the human Temples of this musical band. Wait a minute, what
    kind of name is Churches, right, wait. no it’s, no is it uhmmm, chvrches,?
    Really now? This says a lot. Oh yeah, now we see. Then the female says ‘IT’
    iz kinda a visceral experience, meaning were under a satanic (willfully
    seperated fromGod) influence which iz attempting to create a portal so it
    can make it easier for it to enter our Temple and attempt to perform it’s
    seek and separate the mind from our Heart and Spirit of all of us who are
    Children of God, so it will more easily be able to influence us away from
    our Loving and Caring Creator. This band is plagued by dis-ease; making all
    of their music not at all edifying. Watch how they speak to us in this
    video. They are completely riddled with fear, not sure at all what to say
    and their lack of unity is apparently seen by all as they are desperately
    searching for the right words to say. They seem to have lost a great amount
    of their humanness. I pity them greatly and pray their souls have the power
    to evict the demons they allowed to enter. Pray for each other, for
    chvrches sake.

  • Peachpuppy 123 4 years ago

    Hi Jimmy I love you!!!!

  • Albin Lundholm 4 years ago

    First album is better

  • Rabell Vargas 4 years ago

    HOW DO U pronounce CHVRCHES?

  • CataDelStrey 4 years ago

    I’m a chvrches fan but I liked the first album a lot better

  • Bruce John Shourt 4 years ago

    Terrible sound. Why bother?


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