How German News Covered Trump’s NATO Visit

Published on July 12, 2018

After Trump accused Germany of being ‘captive to Russia,’ German news networks attempted to report the story with a straight face.


  • Joseph Marsh 7 months ago

    uhhh… first?
    Also “Pee-Pee tape!” lol!

  • en1mal 7 months ago

    omg what she said in german was so out of the blue i laughed harder than she did. i think she got pranked by the prompter guy

  • Thomas Sweet 7 months ago

    The actual German is much funnier. 😀

  • Friedrich R. 7 months ago

    just FYI she is talking about the dying art of Egg-Scratching and how less and less women get to learn it. I have no idea what she is talking about and it must be something from southern Germany but since Eier (Eggs) is slang for testicles sometimes it made her laugh and say this is the worst Thing I had to read ever. They timed it really well and it was funny for me in German and then just the text.

  • maggo123 7 months ago

    I think she’s austrian not german

  • Michel Hackenberg 7 months ago

    Thats Austrian TV… but yeah… at least the last subtitles went into the right direction of what she said 😀

  • Javier T 7 months ago

    this only works because americans don’t know other languages

  • Hsjs Ndjs 7 months ago

    First: That’s austrian tv. Second: That’s just a very bad joke…

  • holler sirup 7 months ago

    First of all, she is Austrian. And she actually said:
    ” The cultural heritage is threatened with extinction for only a few ladies dominate the method, and if you are looking for really active ball-scratchers (Sack scratchers) selection is very small”

    * notices what she actually said and laughs *

    “that’s the worst thing I’ve ever had to read. And it’s your fault! I would not even have come up with that”

    (the teleprompter pranked here)

  • Joschua Thomas Simon-Liedtke 7 months ago

    That is Austrian.

  • Dick Swingston 7 months ago

    Im from germany, and I could not understand what she said… Heavy austrian accent 😀

  • Utopolyst 7 months ago

    She’s Austrian not German – and talking about something else… “Doch das Kulturgut ist vom Aussterben bedroht. Nur noch wenige Damen beherrschen die Technik und wenn man wirklich aktive Eierkratzerinnen sucht, ist die Auswahl sehr klein.” Translated roughly too: “But the cultural heritage is threatened with extinction. Only a few ladies master the technique and if you are looking for really active egg scratchers, the selection is very small.” Eierkratzer (egg scratchers) has something to do with stroking the ego…

  • Henry Dawkins 7 months ago

    TRump went wee wee all the way home

  • Music Letters 7 months ago

    Well, actually Trump is sad. But “Eierkratzer” – thats hilarious “*scrotum scratcher*” – is kind of fitting. and it is nice to see Austrian tv on the Show. Maybe we get famous now! 🙂

  • camelshit 7 months ago

    Is this the real life?
    Is this just Trumplight Zone?
    Caught in a swampslide
    No return to reality
    Open your eyes
    Look up to the skies and tweet
    I’m such a poor trump, I need much sympathy
    Because I’m greasy come, greasy go
    A little high, little low
    Anyway the law goes, doesn’t really matter to me, to me

  • Kent Dodge 7 months ago

    Who cares what she said the whole thing is too funny.

  • NiktenU 7 months ago

    Those are not the german news, it‘s the austrian news actually 🤓

  • IRichard Adegbola Adesakin 7 months ago

    I didn’t have to understand what she was saying her infectious laugh got me.

  • Jo 7 months ago

    What she was actually saying was way funnier 😂

  • Marzia De Levo 7 months ago

    *What she said* “Only a few women master the art of scratching testicles so there’re not many women to choose from” I couldn’t translate the last bit because it’s austrian and *not* german. LOVE THIS 😀

  • Bill 7 months ago

    You missed the point. Trump has made America a laughing stock! That is Not funny!


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