“How Does It Feel To Know You Changed The World?” – Anita Hill’s Testimony Resonates Decades Later

Published on September 30, 2021

The author of “Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to End Gender Violence,” begins this two-part interview with Stephen Colbert with a recognition of the long-lasting impact of her powerful 1991 congressional testimony on sexual harassment. #Colbert #Believing #AnitaHill

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  • Brian Lacy 2 years ago

    Fund and fine and change laws that sustain patriarchy

  • Mark Robinowitz 2 years ago

    Highest respect for her courage. A small quibble: it’s sad that Clarence Thomas could even be considered for a LIFETIME appointment given his extreme partisanship and other disqualifying factors, even before she spoke up with her testimony. I like the idea of term limits for the court.

  • sweiland75 2 years ago

    “changed the world”


  • J J 2 years ago

    She’s a hero

  • THOMAS MILLER 2 years ago

    Standing up is the best thing and what is always needed to push for a better future for all.
    Clearence Thomas should not be on the Supreme Court, he is a hack that does whatever his republican owners want him to no matter how depraved it is.

  • Tony Lupone 2 years ago

    Yet Clarence Thomas is still a Judge

  • Janice Lee Ripley 2 years ago

    I had the bumper sticker. It was the only time I ever put one on my car.

  • Anne6621 2 years ago

    its sick , the number of men today that think its ok to hit a woman is shocking and makes my blood boil , and i never liked Thomas and i always admired Anita

  • Denise Higgins 2 years ago

    We want both of those supreme court sex offenders off the bench, thanks for your service Anita.

  • zebs0804 2 years ago


  • cycoklr 2 years ago

    About time for a change in the impeachment process of SCOTUS justices. Criminal behavior of any member of this group must not fall under the protection of Statute of Limitations due to the credibility accorded to them. Hey Clarence and Brett, you there?

  • Zippy Thekid 2 years ago

    ANITA HILL 2024

  • Marcella Kroener 2 years ago

    I think Biden is acknowledging that inequity exists as well in the bills he is trying to get done now. He wants to make sure women and children have a fighting chance. And of course the republicans want to keep women down so now they must make sure Biden’s agenda dies

  • Peter Maleitzke 2 years ago

    When our country needed her, Anita Hill, was ready. Like Christine Blasey Ford, she sacrificed unimaginably to make everyone’s world better. Republicans are so selfish. From climate change to sexual assault to taxing the rich to health care Republicans only care about themselves, about ME. Individual rights mean nothing if you are murdered in a mass shooting. Individual rights mean nothing if there is not a planet to pass on to your children. Individual rights mean nothing if the richest of the wealthy can insulate themselves from all that is wrong, and quality of life continues to decline for the average American. When will Republican voters recognize that they are voting against their own interests?


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