How Daniel Craig Made Rami Malek A Bond Girl | The Graham Norton Show



  • Sydney James 2 years ago

    I wonder how they roped in Jane Seymour …..cheers!!!…. vodka martini shaken not stirred and it does matter as James Bond Tradition .

  • Joachim Lothrik 2 years ago

    I hope they go back to the fun James Bond. Silly gadgets, drinks and femme fatales

  • Radu Gîrlea 2 years ago

    Makes me wonder how Kevin Hart would do as James Bond 😀

  • sweiland75 2 years ago

    I think it’s hilarious how, as a result of the current Woke culture, that Bond girls are defemenized.

  • Jemppu 2 years ago

    I maintain Glenn Foster’s agent character, Mitchell, in Quantum of Solace was meant to be the first ‘Bond boy’ (from around the time there were rumors of more sexually fluid Bond); James is indicated to have known the personal bodyguard of M’s better even than M herself did (or anyone else in the agency for that matter; where as James is quick to point out how Mitchell didn’t smoke, when M handles the ashtray she gifted Mitchell in his apartment… and ‘someone’ has been letting Bond into M’s personal place few times over).

    How ever accurate or not, it certainly adds a lot of layers to the eventuality of the two agents’ chase sequence, and the very next move of a stoic-acting Bond going on a rampage to *kill* (not apprehend for interrogation) Mitchell’s contact.

    (Plus. Later in the same film, there is the Silva confrontation, with the famous reply: “What makes you think it’d be my first time”).

  • WeeAun Sim 2 years ago

    Daniel Craig is the best James Bond

  • Mark David 2 years ago

    Phoebe Waller Bridge is one of the worst actresses I have ever seen, and I don’t have plans on seeing Fleabag any time soon.

  • Denis 2 years ago

    Oh, i’m watching this sooner than what I thought. I’m early lol
    BTW, i thought “Yes, he’s a Bond girl now”. JK

  • Mr Ranasingh 007 2 years ago

    Lunch lady

  • Sean Sutton 2 years ago

    Rami should have just gone full Freddie Mercury.

  • william morales 2 years ago

    I get it’s 2021, but the old bond audience was primarily men and if they’re going to dr who the Bond franchise then it’s going to be tough to re establish a new audience. I certainly hope not, since it hasn’t worked out so well for Dr. who, Ghostbuster, Charlie Angels. etc.

  • Hoganply 2 years ago

    I hope they get a consultant on the case to sort out Bond’s toxic case of cold-blooded murdering. #ModernizeBond

  • THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY 2 years ago

    Watching Bond tank like Dr. Who under the weight of its own Wokeness will be hilarious.
    What happened to our audience?
    Why is no one buying tickets?”

  • Jason Roberts 2 years ago

    Yikes more “woke” nonesense. Gotta love how they use the word “evolved” when things devolve.

  • Choco Later 2 years ago

    Please stop this ridiculous social distancing in studios

  • Carlos Martinez 2 years ago

    Lea Seydoux is so boring and one-dimensional. Eva Green will forever be one of the best Bond Girls in the franchise’s history.


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