How Companies Use Bankruptcy to Avoid Liability | The Daily Show

Published on November 5, 2021

Johnson & Johnson files for bankruptcy in the hopes of getting out of lawsuits after customers claimed their baby powder gave them cancer, and it’s actually working. And Rep. Katie Porter breaks down how companies use similar laws to continue denying justice to those harmed by said dangerous products. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #RepKatiePorter




  • Selwyn J Silk 1 year ago

    Lol 😂🤣😅😭 you deserve a record deal Trevor.

  • Saul Smith 1 year ago

    Who is writing this stuff for Trevor, he’s better than this.

  • WarlandTheHoekage 1 year ago

    Because certain law makers view it as “saving the economy” in short. Majority of them are also involved stocked wise or directly participate in said company.

  • brian hutchinson 1 year ago

    She is freaking awesome

  • HipUsername 1 year ago

    Not Trevor worrying about the cokeheads getting asbestos poisoning while getting ripped off 😂 very considerate

  • 吃瓜群众 1 year ago

    This host, I have seen in the Chinese news, he was talking about 5G, said the United States 5G is on the basis of 4G, changed a head picture. It’s like my Volkswagen, with the Ferrari logo on the side. I want to see him do a rap. 这主持人,我在中国新闻上见过, 他当时在说5G ,说美国5G是在4G基础上,换了个头像。就好像我的大众汽车,在车身上装上法拉利标志 。我想看他来段说唱。

  • Mike Bailey 1 year ago

    Rep Porter, what makes you think the Dem party will get a 2nd opportunity to get these things done. If history is any guide it appears your party will lose your majority in the House and possibly the Senate in 2022. While I respect the stand you have taken on many issues, your response rings hollow if not disingenuous.

  • G. B. 1 year ago

    Love Rep. Porter!

  • Anon Nympho Dude 1 year ago

    Wait are these the same as vaccine manufacturers????! Jesus!!!

    Where are the file a lawsuit Republican talking heads now who think regular people one, have the money to file lawsuits and two, beat corporations at these games.

    Just so uou know they are trying to break off an asset here. And they can do it but for individuals, transfer when there are pending litigation or even threat of litigation is illegal.

    So congrats corporations have more rights than actual people.
    The government for the people protects corporations against the people. Government by the people for corporations 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 yay America

  • Iam king llc 1 year ago

    That’s crazy how they found bankruptcy in the United States just purchased all those vaccinations from them

  • Cleffa173 1 year ago

    5:01 That’s where you’re technically wrong, Trev. They may not be monetarily bankrupt, but they ARE morally bankrupt.

  • mandyinseattle 1 year ago

    I hope judges don’t fall for this b*******. The United States used to execute charters, which means if corporations were found to be acting in ways that harm the public, their corporate charters were yanked. We should get back to that

  • The Roof 1 year ago

    What happened to the money they made from covid, they should pay up and fix the problem

  • DPowered Smith 1 year ago

    The irony of america and its “free market” is that there are tons of systems that make sure its not a free market and the same companies don’t die and the market doesn’t change and they can avoid destruction even if they are criminal

  • mandyinseattle 1 year ago

    Representative Katie Porter should be our first female president. Please don’t let it be Liz Cheney…

  • Juan gutierrez 1 year ago

    My thing is how can we trust private corporations to make a vaccine for a virus that sprung out over night if we can’t trust them to make baby powder and pain pills.

  • waco texas mayor 1 year ago

    So this is the same company that we trust with the vaccine lol ok

  • PlumBerryCherries 1 year ago

    Yet and still the U.S. trusted this company to create and hand out Vaccinations? That’s crazy.


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