House Votes to Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from Committees: A Closer Look

Published on February 4, 2021

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans standing by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene as her committee assignments were stripped from her after making a series of deranged, bigoted statements.

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  • boaty msboatface 2 years ago

    Matt Gaetz= Republican Joe Camel

  • Antonio Sanher 2 years ago

    $15.00/h I won’t have workers.

  • TROLL GAMING 2 years ago

    You’re resigning mutt,err,matt?!!! Nooooooo!!!! Don’t do this we’re in the middle of pandemic whaaaaaaas!!!

  • A Andrus 2 years ago

    Gaetz is a creepy nutcase

  • Erik Zakis 2 years ago

    Wolf BLaser.

  • This Guy 2 years ago

    13:17 Wolf has already reached out to secure the vector graphic for his Bluelight account

  • avery neal 2 years ago

    Rusty pilot?
    You don’t want to hear your surgeon say “Oops”

  • Eidlones 2 years ago

    They’ve pandered to their base long enough that their base has infiltrated the party. Actually believing the lies, rather than just using the lies for political gain.

  • Simon Rappoport 2 years ago

    you need better jokes

  • Alex Mercedes 2 years ago

    Love that shirt, Seth.

  • Cecilia Sakakura 2 years ago

    DANG MATT !!!! Buy trump a ring already!!!! eeewww😝😝😝

  • Bob Dollar 937 2 years ago

    It is a Befitting Punishment for Georgia’s Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene to have her Congressional Committee Memberships taken away by congress for her Cunning and Conniving Public Display Of Delusions that stay within the First Amendment to the U.S., Constitution’s Freedom Of Speech which is a Blatant Exploitation of the law.

  • Nick Seidenman 2 years ago

    “Matt Gaetz looks like someone tried to make a Tom Cruise out of Legos.”


  • raymeeluna 2 years ago

    Dumb Reps calling Trump president. See your way out and take Greene with you, bye!

  • Michael Humphrey 2 years ago

    In major news Republican leadership cower to crazy lady. Meanwhile, in boring news pilots forget how to fly planes.

  • Dena Pattison 2 years ago

    Seth, your Bernie is REALLY good. Close call w your Mitch McConnell

  • Brent Weber 2 years ago

    Love Bernie!!! Your impression is getting pretty good!

  • Maitri Nancy Peden 2 years ago

    Green is a criminal threatening murder and more. I wait to see her go really down out of office.

  • Sender Upwords 2 years ago

    I denounce the 200 cowards who did not vote the way that history will remember they should have. I denounce. (Don’t cancel me)

  • Fabled Creature 2 years ago

    Didn’t they make a big huge deal out of Obama having a shadow presidency that never existed? If anyone has a shadow presidency it’s Trump as usual they project everything horrible they do on the other people on us. They’re just horrible people. Horrible horrible horrible.


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