House Votes to Advance Impeachment Inquiry: A Closer Look

Published on October 31, 2019

Seth takes a closer look at the House’s historic vote to endorse the impeachment inquiry into President Trump and set out rules for the next stage of the process.

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  • Luis Lara 3 years ago

    shaggy it wasnt me trump reminds me off that song so much

  • Rich Greene 3 years ago

    trump supporters have So little education they can’t use logic only emotion.

  • G11713 3 years ago

    4:37 Wow. Talk about projecting; Republicans have cult level obedience to a guy who is actively seeking foreign assistance to undermine the country’s electoral process all while fully enmeshed in emoluments and so forth.

  • Shawnda Mims 3 years ago

    I the republicans he was gone get impeached.

  • Peter Hassle 3 years ago

    Trumptards where I work have followed the standard trail of cult freaks. They believed everything Trump said-despite him being a lifelong pathological liar, con man, and scam artist-then went to denying the obvious facts about their dear leader, to babbling about nothing that he does is a crime or makes him unfit to be president. They have devolved into blocking their ears, stomping their feet, and insisting their dear leader is the victim of a witch hunt (he told them so) and everything that points out his failings is a lie. It’s a bizarre cult of worshipers who will believe everything Trump, Trumptard state media, and Trumptard nation tells them regardless if it is obvious lies.

  • Oliver Farfan 3 years ago

    I like the ladies in the back laughing and free care when Nunes was talking, they know he is a Russian spy and shortly his comrade the clown will get boot out of office.

  • markmac 3 years ago

    Pelosi :” im bout to ends this man’s career.”

  • Honest Opinion 3 years ago

    Weak Nancy Pelosi is doing NOTHING. Weak Nancy Pelosi need to step down.

  • Eamenic1 3 years ago

    With this vote, Republicans officially endorse presidential lawlessness.

  • gorams csu 3 years ago

    This has been so disturbing. How do you give your vote without a trial? Their not even faking it, for all you youngsters, this isn’t America.

  • BlackEpyon 3 years ago

    Republicans, please stop projecting your own faults onto those who do not share them.

  • Steve Barrios 3 years ago

    Devin Nunez you’re a piece of s*** you’re weak pathetic and a lap dog of the most corrupt president ever in history you need to just sit back let the Democrats do what they have to do so we can get America back so just walk away God Bless America our democracy is working

  • Tragoudistros.MPH 3 years ago

    2:35 Not a single vote for impeachment by *any* republicans?
    Two democrats had the … -whatever you would like to call it- to vote Nay.

    10:30 and to not even show up? That is just pathetic…

  • Thomas Randall 3 years ago

    Nunez is a TOTAL LOSER MORON!!!

  • RANDY SUTTON 3 years ago


  • Beverly Tenhagen 3 years ago

    I feel like Republican reps decided not to hear any of the depositions so they can’t be held accountable for knowing the information and still voting against impeachment.

  • generation Z 3 years ago

    Does the DONALD even know how to drive
    That down to earth, man of the people most likely
    NEVER learned to drive…too funny!

  • gary proffitt 3 years ago

    Donuts “alligator” Trump ?? ~ ☝?

  • Dave 3 years ago

    The OCD in me was screaming this entire episode to please, just please remove that little piece of food that came out of your mouth off the desk.

  • Connie Kimble 3 years ago

    Scalise’s mailbox is “full” and so is he of …….. well you know. Now let him know.


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