House Democrats Reveal Articles of Impeachment Against Trump



  • Noman Rumerals 4 months ago

    Higgins looking good as always

  • bigbangnone 4 months ago

    Yesterday this loser was talking about peeing down his leg… he is talking about #2.
    Loser. 0:40

  • JP Raps 4 months ago

    Love Jimmy for covering this. Gained so much respect in my house ✊?

  • Susie MacLean 4 months ago

    buh Chernobyl isn’t in Russia? Or am I crazy?

  • Cyborg2382 4 months ago


  • Alex Chase 4 months ago

    What poor person has to upload videos at 4am?

  • Danny E 4 months ago

    Chip n Swipe?

  • Slamurai Matt 4 months ago

    Someone get Trump a Peloton for impeachment.

  • UAE Bolt 4 months ago

    Most cringe garbage as shit I’ve ever watched trash as fuck

  • Petra J. 4 months ago

    Some might call it Ukraine, but everyone knows Chernobyl is HBO. Horrific Big Oops

  • Thoughts of an Idealistic Asexual 4 months ago

    Not even the president is above the law…

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : 4 months ago

    “Call of Doody” is what I feel every morning before I go to the toilet.
    Surely there must be a stripper named “Impeachment” somewhere in America, taking off her “Articles of Impeachment”!

  • NUS-SI 4 months ago

    The screenwriters aren’t very smart, I see. What to say if you can’t say anything, say something about someone’s appearance is enough.. Dah!

  • Vladimir Bogdantsev 4 months ago

    Chernobyl is in Ukraine, покидьки.

  • christobal747 4 months ago

    All that comedy won’t help. Trump will also win the next election. It’s in the american system not to care about the person behind the candidate. Voters are superficial.

  • John Rider 4 months ago

    Trump 2020

  • alan mass 4 months ago

    “Bad publicity is no publicity at all”.
    That is an old time jewish Hollywood advertising saying.
    Trump is being victimized to get him reelected. His electorate had become really thin and so the jews who had him elected had to conceive this umpteenth Macchiavellian plot to build up a momentum for the 2020 elections.
    The Democrats (jewish leftist) are all in in the play and tickets can be purchased anywhere on msm and alt.
    The emptiness and baseless accusations speak volumes on this. Had they (Democrats) wanted to impeach him for real they would only have needed to pull his statements and ‘special deals’ with Israel, the B&R initiatiative and the bilateral agreement, paired all with the ‘relocation’ of US intellectual property to the illegal Israeli apartheid regime, the Israeli-Chinese and Israeli-Russian ‘deals’ done, openly, in the last 8 years (yes, it was going on during Obama Hussein too) in weapons and high tech trade agreements.

    Americans should just ignore this sharade and find a new candidate for presidency, someone amonst their own people, someone who represents them, who does not promote Jewish inetersts, someone who shares their culture, their tradition, their religion, and not the criminal interests of a small minority who holds double citizenship and promotes double standards, under the (sudo) religious guise of the tradition and cult-like dogmas of a tiny alien minority who hijacked their government.

  • Marius Thefaker 4 months ago

    So the the answer to “What would Jesus do?” is determined on whether you bought the expansion pack or not…

  • RedPilled View 4 months ago

    The impeachment is a sham! The charges are illegitimate…. They’ve attempted make a non crime a crime. The Democrats are trying to setup their scam in 2020 after most of them lose all power and Trump is re-elected. They will try to destroy this republic by declaring Trumps lawful re-election illegitimate thus basically destroying this nation. Subversion, Sedition, and Treason is what the Democrats are engaging in. They simply don’t like Trump or his policies so their trying to perform this 4 year long coup attempt. Remember the Democrats were calling for Trumps removal BEFORE Trump’s inauguration. The evidence is blatant.

  • Halley Hawk 4 months ago

    Video game of jesus? Thats it crazy


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