Hot Takes With Iain Armitage

Published on September 21, 2018

The star of ‘Young Sheldon’ on CBS submits to the ‘Hot Takes’ challenge, giving his unfiltered take on a range of topics, from meeting Barack Obama to eating picked okra.

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  • Alvin Lewis 8 months ago

    The world is dying. No chance for human life but stay optimistic young fellow.

  • Folkinghippie 8 months ago

    This kid is so smart and well spoken. What an absolutely delightful young man.

  • Lucien Hicks 8 months ago

    Reviewbrah looks different in this episode

  • debbiedoodiedandi 8 months ago

    Aww – he’s very cute!

  • Kaotiqua 8 months ago

    Love this kid. He manages to be precocious without being obnoxious about it. Utterly genuine. So many precocious kids feel like they’re just pretending to be grown-up, but you don’t get that feeling with him at all. 😀

  • Amien Fadhillah 8 months ago

    This kid is so precious… please keep him safe

  • Sol Costa 8 months ago

    He is such a cute kid. His parents must be so prude of him.

  • aguy654 8 months ago

    No idea who this kid is, but he seems nice. I hope he grows up to be a nice adult too.

  • Mr_Rockito 8 months ago

    He should run against Trump in 2020. He’d be the adult in the room…

  • New Message 8 months ago

    Got some growing up to do, kid.. ya gottat pick dogs OR cats.. no fence sitting in the adult world.. Dogs *or* cats!

  • AtrumDelorox 8 months ago

    He’s a shower of sunshine and rainbows in this otherwise bleak and drab political climate we’ve found ourselves in.
    CBS, make him Stephen’s co-host!

  • blue ferral 8 months ago

    Man I hope he doesn’t get messed up like so many child actors.

  • YeeSoest 8 months ago

    Can a human being be in the Uncanny Valley?
    He’s adorable, smart and well spoken. Great manners…and he uses more different words to describe one set of his bedsheets than Donald Trump ever used since first learning to speak fluently back in Senior year. But it’s also obvious that he would at times likes to let go or not have a camera running so it kinda seems like it may be an act and he’s really playing the role of the superbly perfect grandson only because he knows it’s still a hugely popular and valuable role to play. Not that he’s not still smart and well raised but is he just a quirky, talented funny boy or is he the perfect even-pre-teen future hollywood megastar project ? Lots of snotty brats out there, this niche is pretty open….

  • luckyjasonfan 8 months ago

    I am literally CRYING because this kid is so LOVELY! God please, protect him and keep him Safe!!! 🙏🙏🙏

    Ms. Meryl, Ms. Beyonce 🤗🤗 What incredible Charm, Wit, and Manners!!!

  • alphaphotoandvideo 8 months ago

    His vocabulary is way bigger than PoTUS. He expresses better than putin’s puppet

  • omer shaik 8 months ago

    How he says “ms” and “mr” before every name is so freaking adorable this man will go places

  • Ashcool 8 months ago

    Jim Parsons doesn’t really try to act. If you watch his interviews, you can tell that ‘Sheldon Cooper’ is just a nerdy version of Jim Parsons. He just talks, walls and acts like himself while saying and doing nerdy stuff. However, with Iain, you can see that the kid is really putting in his effort to portray a childhood version of Sheldon. And he’s really good at it as well.

  • am2008ber 8 months ago

    I hope this young boy has someone watching over him to protect him from all the predators around him

  • Sander Lansberg 8 months ago

    Well done mum and dad

  • HarrisonD 8 months ago

    This kid has great comedic timing.


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